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Grilled Angel Food Cake with Strawberries



1/2 - Angel Food Cake (1/2 pound)
4 cups Strawberries, sliced
1 tablespoon Splenda, sugar substitute
1 tablespoon Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Bean Syrup
Non stick cooking spray


Rinse and core the strawberries. Slice and place into a bow. Add sugar substitute and vanilla bean syrup. Let this set.

Cut cake ring in 1/2. (you may carefully wrap and freeze the remaining 1/2). Cut into 8 even slices.

Preheat Grill to a medium temperature.

Lightly spray each cut side of the cake and place on grill.

This just takes 30-45 seconds on the grill..

and then flip to second side. DO NOT LET BURN.. remove onto a plate.

Serve on a dessert plate over 1/2 cup of macerated strawberries.




What about Cook's Illustrated's Vanilla Extract Test Results


In the April issue of Cook's Illustrated they did a test on vanilla beans and vanilla extracts.

They used some major brands including McCormick whom many of us grew up with , and Neilsen-Massey that is found in many gourmet stores and then some branded ones like Durkee.

Their conclusion is that good vanilla gets "cooked out" if baked very long. They felt that if you add vanilla extract after the pudding is made you get more flavor.

They tasted different real and fake vanillas in milk, the way that professional tasters do. The real vanillas of course won the day.

One reason is that real vanilla has over 250 flavor compounds in it and they develop as the extract sits. You can taste such subtle spicy, nutty and a complex flavors and in the Fake Vanilla they tasted bitter and medicinal. No doubt, imitation vanilla is made from a by product of paper production or it is a tar derivative. They did say that for making cookies imitation vanilla can do a pretty good job.
Well one thing for sure, it's hard to ramp up your vanilla in a recipe which I OFTEN do, to get that INCREDIBLE flavor if you use imitation. It will turn things bitter fast!

Patricia Rain was part of some vanilla tasting's in San Francisco early this year and she won some high acclaim for her Rain's choice vanilla extract. I say you be the judge. Try both some imitation and some real in a recipe and see if you can tell the difference. I know you will.

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