July 7th, 2008

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Chili - Vanillie

I know this sounds a bit strange to combine chilis with a sorbet, but the hottness is a wonderful balance to the sweet smooth texture of the mango. Vanilla of course is the adjunct flavor sort of like what salt does it brings out and connects all the other flavors. I like to say it ....rounds out ...the rough edges of the other flavors.

3 cups thick Mango juice or mango puree
if using fresh mangoes use 2-3
You can also use frozen mango cubes
that you can find in the grocery. Some
people combine mango with peaches.
I use Mango juice that you can buy in the grocery.

1 cup Vanilla Syrup
(recipe follows)
2 tablespoons Lime juice,
Zest of one lime
1 / 2 habenero,

orange part only,
no white or seeds.


. I love to use a zester for zesting a lime.

There are of course many ways to do this.

You can use a knife and peel off the skin and then chop it. It adds so much flavor an

or the fine holes on a grater.

Lemon peel and lemon juice can be substitued for the lime of course. This adds balance to the sweetness of t the mango that does not have much acidity.



The Habenero is one of the hottest peppers. However if you use just the orange flesh it is not overly stinging hot to the tongue.

I like to just cut around the flesh off each side of the habenero without cutting it in half. this way I don't touch the seeds or the white ribs.

Use however much you feel comfortable with. You can taste the mix before you freeze it and if you like it a bit spicier then add a bit more.

As you can see I am a bit daring and used all of the habenero. I don't recommend this unless you like it spicy.


An alternative if you are doubling the recipe as I am here, is to quarter the whole lime, and blend it with the Mango juice and the habenero.

The recipe up above though you just use the lime juice plus the zest.

I keep a plastic storage container of Vanilla syrup in my fridge. I know this looks like a lot of vanilla beans but I have plenty on hand. I just reuse these to make more vanilla syrup for many batches.

You only need one bean (split) and then boil it with 1 cut water and 1 cup sugar

Sweeten your batch of mango sorbet with this. Since not all mangos are equally sweet I would start with a half of a cup of syrup and add to the mix and taste. If you would like it a bit sweeter then add it a 1 / 4 cup at a time.

This simple syrup will help make your sorbet very smooth as well. If you just use mango juice and sugar it will be hard like ice and not smoooothe.


I am using here a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker .

you can use a regular ice cream maker or just put it in a flat casserolle glass dish and put it in the freezer.
Stir it up a few times as it is freezing to break down the ice crystals.

The ice cream maker makes it creamier. It is still wonderful if you just freeze it like you use to make juice popsicles as a kid, only just in a flat pan so that the mix is not deep, this way it will freeze fast.

Here is a nice presentation,

Mint is always a good color and flavor garnish. Use Berries and powdered sugar or vanilla powdered sugar.


You can make vanilla powdered sugar by putting vanilla sugar in a small coffee grinder for about 15 seconds.





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I would love to hear from you about what you
like to cook or any recipe requests.

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