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Guten Tag, Welcome to the April 26, 2012 German Goodies Newsletter.

While you read the newsletter here are some nice music from past Spargelfests, by the way Spargelfest is almost here!

Beef Schaschlik


This is a bit different than the traditional style German food we think of but It's very much a part of the German Food-scape as a quality quick food like a Burrito would be in the states. Lots of different spices and flavors!

Schaschlik is Kebab of either pork , beef or chicken that is sometimes marinated in spices and either grilled or in this case slow simmered in a flavorful Paprika style sauce that is out of this world!

The word Schaschlik (Sha-Shlick) seems to be a word from the Tartars but the recipes seem to be more from the area just east of Turkey in Russia, know as the Caucasus that incorporates Armenia as well. It is a blend of many cultures including Asian (via Marco Polo). Germany and Turkey historically have intermingled a great deal, so it is no surprise that this kind of dish is popular.

My friend Trudy Maynard that grew up in Limbach, Germany in Rhineland/Pfalz, where it is really popular in small fast food stands called Schnell-Imbiss. She found a recipe and worked with it till it tasted authentic, then bless her heart she sent it to me.


Just as many foods from Germany that migrate over to the states get the name modified, so did Schaschlik. In South Dakota it is called Chislic. This is a differernt recipe where it is marinated a then often deep fried or grilled.

Papa's Restaurant in Freeman SD specializes in Chislic

Chislic in the Green Sign competes with out basic fair food.


Go here to make Beef Schaschlik with Step by Step Pictures

We will cover some other Schaschlik recipes in the future
that my friend Dieter sent me.


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From the German Deli

Annabell's Laugenbrezeln
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From Germany imported soft Pretzels are baked in the old Pretzel tradition with a top quality recipe. They are then frozen to lock in flavor and moisture. Thaw and enjoy or bake frozen in preheated oven for 2-4 minutes for a fresh baked taste.

1000g (Old Rye Bread)

by Brinker Bakery

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Hand Made in Germany, deep-frozen and shipped to the US in a deep freeze container. This bread has a strong Rye taste. A 90% rye and 10% wheat flour combination bread with a biological 3 stage natural sour dough. A very moist center with a very crisp, flavorful crust. It's all about the crust with this bread. It's a real winner. You simply defrost and heat through. Outrageously delicious by our German staffs' standards.


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from a
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