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Welcome to the Aug 12, 2012 German Goodies Newsletter

Pflaumenzeit ist Zwetschgenzeit!

Plums and Plums Time !
2 different kinds

These are a rounder plum, with a clinging pit.

this plum is a more oblong and a freestone pit.

Folks have been writing me that their plums are ripening, and that has always been an exciting time for me. Growing up in the Northwest we had lots of plums and grandma had so many Zwetschgen, (what she called an Italian plum) that we gathered them off the ground. She made not only plum kuchen but put up lots of an extraordinary jam that she called Prune Conserve.

I am sure that other countries and cuisines have plum cake recipes but am not sure it's like the tradition that I see in German cuisine to make plum kuchen. Every year I get so many folks with German heritage tell about how this was such a big part of the late summer and fall and even years after their relatives who made the magic in the kitchen have passed they want this tradition to live on!

I look forward to making the Pflaumenkuchen or Zwetschgenkuchen when I go up for Dad's 90th birthday celebration this year.


Freezing Plums

If you want to save some plums and have this treat in the winter then here is a tip that Marge Wolf sent me:


I split them and pitted them. Then laid them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and froze them overnight. After they are frozen solid they can easily be placed in ziplock bags to keep in freezer until you are ready to make the kuchen. Wh ere we live, the Italian plums can only be found in September. So we like to store them for later use.

By the way I tried this and after 8 months the plums worked fantastic in a kuchen!

Thank you Marge Wolf!

Some of my favorite Plum Kuchens

Our Traditional style Kuchen in our family, using a sweet dough and baking in an rectangular baking dish.

Recipe for Traditional Plum Kuchen

This is one that I like to make sort of a pizza style kuchen. It is light and great for picking up and eating with your hands.

Recipe for a Pizza Style
Plum Kuchen

This style uses more of a sponge cake batter and the plums sink into the cake as it bakes.

German Plum Cake


Omi's Zwetschgenkuchen

Marsha McEllisgott sent me her grandma's recipe for Plum Kuchen.

This is a style that I have never seen before.

My mother (Gertrud Feuerle Coon) grew up and lived as a young woman in Germany in Schwäbisch Gmünd - then married a U.S. military officer at the end of World War II and came to the U.S. and lived out her life in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York which she often described as being so similar in landscape to her "home" . We are so happy to have many of her old German recipes and we hope you like this one.  Marsh McEllisgott.

Go here for Marsha's recipe for her Omi's Zwetschgenkuchen


Our Family

from a
German Grandma

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Simply open up the recipes with step by step pictures and print out the item you like. I keep mine in a notebook.

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Apple Kuchen

Apfel Strudel














Old Fashioned Home Made Noodles


German Potato Salad


Potato Dumplings
(Kartoffel Knödel)



Gefulte Nudeln

Chicken and Dumplings

(Sweet and Sour Purple Cabbage)

Potato Pancakes

See the Whole List Here of Recipes Here




If you liked Recipes from a German Grandma...


From Germany with Love,
By Aileen Block

This is a nice companion book to Recipes from a German Grandma.
From Germany with Love tells more about the story of my grandma, Emma Block, growing up in a little town in Baden/ Würtemberg, Germany near Heidelberg named Steinsfurt. Then at the age of 15 immigrating to the United States, taking a train with one of her sisters and brothers to Hamburg and sailing the Atlantic with other hope filled Germans wanting to make a life in the "New World". It was not easy but with good values learned in her German upbringing made a full life, had a wonderful family with lots of fun and celebration including great German meals.

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From the German Deli

Speck, Ham Large

Abraham of North America offers a delicious Smoked Ham which has been made with minimum processing. Made from the outside round of the hind leg of pork/ham, a favorable cut for drying and aging, this Prosciutto contains the least moisture content. Our production recipe comes from the southern Austrian and northern Italian region of Tyrol. The meat is slightly salted and seasoned with pepper, coriander and regional herbs, briefly smoked over beechwood chips, then naturally air cured for up to 12 months. The aging process guarantees a supremely tender meat with a rich, savory flavor. This product should be sliced wafer thin. Each piece weighs an average of between 3 and 4 pounds. We recommend using an electric slicer or get to know your local butcher very well and ask if he/she will slice it for you (offer to share a little). A professional slicer will certainly produce the best results.
NET WT. between 3 and 4 LBS.

Ingredients: ham, salt, sugar, juniper berries, black pepper, coriander, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite.

Order Abraham Speck, Ham Large Online

Kochers Doppelt-geräucherter
(Double Smoked Bacon)

Kocher's Double Smoked Bacon is indispensable to add the right smoky flavor to traditional German dishes such as Rouladen. Try chopping it up into small pieces and using it to make your favorite Flammkuchen. Each piece has a bacon rind and is not overly salty.

Order Kocher's Speck , Double-Smoked bacon online


Want to see some Great German Engineering?
Roy Denman sent this video that
just gives me goose bumps!

Ok maybe it's a guy thing.



German Music Selections

Oesch`s die Dritten - Ku-Ku Jodel



Jodlerclub Wiesenberg und Francine Jordi






Marc Pircher - Volksmusik medley



Takeo Ischi - Bockwurst, Bier und Blasmusik



Stefanie Hertel - Liebe hat tausend Gesichter 2006



Stefanie Hertel - Lust auf Sommer






More German Music



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