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Extra Info on the Very Versatile
1-2-3 Pastry... Mürbeteig
( German Style Pie Dough)


Upcoming Donauschwaben

Einz, Zwei, Drei ---1- 2-3, Mürbeteig
Pastry Dough for Pies, Tortes, Turnovers, and Cookies

First I want to say I am sorry for misspelling the word Mürbeteig in the newsletter a few days ago.
This word was hard for me to get a hold of, as it sounded to my American English speaking ears like something the furthest away from
delicate pie crust.

My German friend Charles Weishar said that the word ....

Mürbe means crispy, brittle, tender, mellow -- "short", specifically when referring to pastry. In other words, a very buttery pastry -- like all good tart bases, croissants, etc.

Teig means Dough


If you want to listen to how the word
sounds, and how this simple pastry dough is made here is a video.

This one is for a sweet pie crust
(Sußer Mürbeteig)

Some of my German friends talk about a similar recipe and they call 1-2-3 dough....

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You start out with,

1 part sugar like .................100 grams or 1/2 cup

2 parts cold butter...............200 grams or 2 tablespoons shy of 1 stick

and 3 parts flour .................300 grams or 2 1/2 cups

Then you add an egg or just an egg yolk if you want it more crumblier.

Most electronic digital scales you buy now have a grams or ounces choice and you can
easily measure this out.


1. Put the flour on the counter and make a well in it.

2. Put the sugar in the center and add the butter cut into chips and work it into the sugar.
Some like to mix this in a bowl .

3. Add the egg or just the yolk into the sugar and butter and work in.

4. Work the butter mixture into the flour to make a dough.

5. Wrap the dough up in plastic or cover with a towel and refrigerate for 2 hours.

6. You can use this for Shortbread cookies as well as a pie crust.


German Style Apple Pie or Torte

Apfel Mürbeteig

Roy Denman from Rottenburg, in Bavaria is one of the best cooks I know that blends his German roots
with other cuisines as well,and uses techniques to add nutrition and lower overall calories.

I want to offer many of Roy's recipes to you in the future, like his different stuffed
Portabellas like he does here, but for now I wanted to show you how he does an apple torte
or apple pie German style with a dough called Mürbeteig. Mürbeteig is a German word for
shortcrust, or pie dough. There are different ways to make it.

This is a classic way that one of our other readers Enizi Johnson sent to me. Her mother
made it on the counter. This recipe below puts a top crust on the pie while Roy above
Uses just a bottom crust and builds a crust up the side of the springform pan.

Some Background on Einzi's recipe for Mürbeteig

Einzi writes .....My mother used to make it on the counter. She put flour on the counter and then made a well in it and added the ingredients as needed. She was good at it and it took me awhile to find out that she made her Mürbeteig this way. It was fairly soft and she kind of smeared it in the form, than she added the apples, cherries or whatever and because the dough was soft, usually the fruits sank into the cake. Sometimes she added sweet cream to which she added eggs and a little flour and poured it over the cake before she baked it. Later it all made sense to me, her kitchen was hot and the butter was just to soft. Lots of times she used leftovers, like sour cream and eggs (where she only used the white off) so it would not be wasted. On a farm everything is used. In the older days we had a cellar and that's where all the food was kept cool. Later on we had a fridge and things were different.

Go here for the recipe for Apfel Murbeteig
with step by step pictures


The annual celebration for
Donauschwabs all over North America,

Who are Donauschwabs?


  • The annual celebration for Donauschwabs all over North America, and the first time at the Schwaben Club. Don't miss the opportunity to see performances from many different dance groups, join a Sing-Along, watch a Dance Contest, and eat some of the best German food you've ever had!


    No cost for "Freundschaftsabend" / "Evening of Friendship"

    1-day - $12/person
    2-day - $17/person
    Children under 12 FREE

    Contact the office for more information at (519) 742-7979.



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