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Welcome to the Dec 12, 2012 Newsletter !

Lebkuchen History, Spitzbuben, Roy's Pfeffernusse, The Christmas Goose, Königsberger Klopse and Beer Steins.


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Sorry for the lack of Newsletters, This has been a tough month so far.....I wish I had time to just write and find fun stuff about our German heritage!!

Here are a few neat Christmas cookies, Some history of German gingerbread, Lebkuchen and it is either a cake or a cookie. At one time it was actually a non-sweet bread. A really cool recipe for Pfeffernusse that Roy Denman sent me and Cheryl Frey cooked the most beautiful ones so I used her pictures.

Have you cooked a goose for Christmas yet?
If you haven't I want to encourgae you to,....I show a little history around ,..Why a goose???....

There was the most interesting discussion on our Facebook Page about why there are lids on beer steins ..






German style ginger bread is one of the oldest of all the Christmas cookies and the history is un-ending it seems.

Read about some of the history and some
recipes for Lebkuchen cake
Lebkuchen Cookies



This is a simple recipe to make and they look soooo fantastic! Heidi Burmis shed light on the name. Spitzbuben means literally rascal boys, but it also means "peeking boys" as the jam peeks through the hole in the cookie. Some recipes in American cookbooks call them Peek-A-Boo cookies.

There are seveal recipes for them.

Here is one with step by step pictures

Christa Back's Spitzbuben


Roy's Pfeffernusse

These are a fascinating version of this classic German Christmas cookie, that puff in the center and keep their base. Thank you to Cheryl Frey for donating the pictures and some notes.

Go here for more information and the recipe with step by step pictures.



The Christmas Goose

The goose being served in Germany for Christmas goes back to ancient times.

The Goose had almost mystical properties.
You don't find too many folks in the states cooking a goose, but I am finding them in the grocery stores more often now during the holiday season.

If you have never tried it, the meat is fabulous and I say you should venture out and give it a try. Everyone in our large picky family loved the goose.

Go here for the background on Cooking a Goose for Christmas and recipe with step by step pictures.


Königsberger Klopse

This was asked for several times last week so I wanted to add this recipe to the newsletter thinking that there are others that would love to make this succulent dish. A Klopse is a meatball but these are not chef Boy R Dee.
They cooked like a dumpling.

My friend Carl Crombach in Georgia has made it several times. It is hard for some folks to find the ground veal that traditionally goes into this so Carl uses more pork.

Here is the recipe for Königsberger Klopse swith step by step pictures.


Dirt makes Bacon

It was asked on our Facebook Forum by by Frances Marsh why do Beer Steins have lids on them.

An interesting discussion came about the lids are to keep the flys out. Trudy,

There was a good article on Beer Stein history here that Anette Holmes found. The article explains that beer stiens had lids mainly to keep the flies out. Trudy Maynard said that her German mother use to say "Dreck macht Speck" which meant dirt makes bacon ...or in this case....Speck means body fat. The saying refers to being over sensitive to germs. That a young person needs some to be properly immunized. Anyway Here is more on this interesting German custom....Dreck macht Speck .



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German Music


Nena - Weihnachtslied - Ich umarm die ganze Welt




Rolf Zuckowski - Danke lieber Tannenbaum 2007






Weihnachtslied Alle Jahre wieder...



Mireille Mathieu - Winter in Canada

Mireille Mathieu is Europes sweetheart and for such a small person ( little over 5 Ft ) she has such a big voice . I have seen her twice in live performances and she is great ! Winter in Canada was directed at the German/Canadian community !



Angela Wiedl - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen


More German Music




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