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Glücklichen Valentinstag
Happy Valentines Day!

Lebkuchen Valentine Hearts
German Valentines Cookies


Black Forest Cherry Parfait
A Simple German Valentines Dessert

Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing



Valentines in Germany


Read about

Valentinestag in Germany


How to make Lebkuchen Hearts

What to put on your Lebkuchen Hearts

German Love Sayings


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Black Forest Cherry Parfait

Trudy Maynard suggested this would make a nice
simple German Valentines dessert. You can use any good chocolate cake if
you want and though Kirschwasser (real German cherry brandy) is the best
a good cherry brandy works
well also, even a little vodka and cherry syrup.
You can put this together in minutes.

Let's make a simple

Black Forest Cherry Parfait
Step by Step Pictures





Spinach Salad
Hot Bacon Dressing


This was a favorite that my grandmother use to make. Not always with spinach, but many times greens from the garden.
I remember the little wooden salad bowls my grandfather made, nicely stacked in a pyramid fashion ready to fill when the whole family was gathering for dinner.
I remember not liking salad much as a kid, but always loved sweet and sour candy. so this salad I could gobble up. I liked it so much I made it my house salad dressing at my restaurant that I had for years in Bend Oregon. The Blacksmith shop and Broiler



Come into my kitchen and let's make
Spinach Salad
Hot Bacon Dressing

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