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Guten Tag!

This is just a quick newsletter in response to some requests for some good German crock pot (slow cooker) or Dutch Oven recipes. You know something that is as good for filling the house with great smells as it is for, schmect gute tummy warming food.

Here are some suggestions....I can't decide which I will do next....

Gaisburger Marsch

A stew that Sylvia Pollack a reader shared with a long long German history. It is characterized with really tasty broth and meat created by using a bone in beef shank. Along with the carrots and leeks this stew gets good body from both Spaetzle and some good firm potatoes. Then to distinguish this dish even more some fried onions on top.

When you see beef shanks on sale grab em and freeze them, save them for this dish.

Birnen Bohnen und Speck
Braised Ham with Green Beans and Pears

One of the more unusual sounding German classics. If you haven't tried it you must!

You use green pears and cook them whole with the ham and beans. The result is a delicious tender soft pear , the perfect accompaniment to a nice smoky sliced meat and beans.

I know I used a Schinken bone instead of Speck a German bacon, but I didn't have Speck.
The nameske is a tradition and wanted to keep it.

Sour Beef and Dumplings
Maryland style Sauerbraten ]

The perfect Crockpot recipe, for this style of Sauerbraten.

Marinating the beef with the unique German spice mix, blending with the technique of shredding the beef, and serving it over dumplings became a popular dish in Maryland, USA...and now carries the wonderful states name.

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Pork Goulash
with Spoon Dumplings

Don't have a Spaetzle maker and want the quick solution?

Chicken Stew
Simple Dumplings

Something good when your looking for heart warming. The dumplings are very simple , feathery soft and tender.


German Beet Borscht

Starting by making a hearty rich stock , this is a good 2 day soup, very colorful and good for a special dinner.



Ok Apfelstrudel is best when you make it yourself,
but if can't or want to try some direct from Germany...

Edna's Apfelstrudel from Germany
10 individual wrapped slices

Better than Granny's! Edna's apple strudel will bring back the sweetest childhood memories. Following the original recipes from Bavaria with only the best ingredients. The strudel comes ready baked and cut. All you have to do is bake it (heat it up) at 400F for approx. 20 to 25 minutes (depends on oven)and serve! Convenient and a true delight. Serving suggestion: hot apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and/or vanilla sauce and fresh strawberries.

Order this online !
Shipped beautifully chilled.

From the German Deli


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