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Here is one of my favorite songs from Wildecker Herzbuben

a fun Austrian specialty, that can be a dessert or a main dish.


Potato Cheese Knoephla
a a stuffed noodle with potato, cheese and onions.

Rindfleisch Stew
I used some German styles to create a hearty beef stew.




I have had some requests for meatless German food,
Here is one that is fascinating

Germans enjoy eating pancakes or Pfankuchen for dinner
or lunch instead of breakfast like in the U.S.

One fun dish is named after the German word for
"Mess or Jumble , something to that sort"

Schmarrn is often a slang word for nonsense. and Kaiser of course is the German word for emperor. So it is basically a crazy looking plate of cut up pancakes. It is much better though than it sounds

This torn or "slashed" pancake, has been refried delicately, dusted with powdered sugar then topped with apple or plum compote, or another type of fruit topping. Some people also add raisins, but the German's seem to always soak their raisins in rum, brandy or orange juice first. It can be served either as a dinner or a dessert. Pancakes are very popular in Germany, but they are different than the common pancake in the United States .

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this dish is its name. Every restaurant and guesthouse owner in the Alps has an answer for that question! Some recount the legend that says it was created in Emperor Franz Josef I's kitchen by a cook who made a bad pancake, but covered up the mistake by adding raisins, cherries, and a whole lot of powdered sugar.

This sounds more like a German Urban legend, but some say that it was created when the Emperor, on one of his hunting trips, stopped in at a farmhouse unannounced to spend the night. Having few ingredients and little time, the farmer's wife added milk and eggs to the family recipe for Holzfallerschmarrn, a simple meal of flour and animal fat.

Video for making Kaiserscharrn

Recipe for making

From the German Deli


The German Deli says that
Dr. Knoll's Kaiserschmarrn mix

or the old faithful company
Dr Oetker Kaiserschmarrn mix
is very popular in Germany right now.

You just add milk to it, stir and cook.

This makes a great gift, give them some different recipe suggestions with it.

I have noticed my German friends are great at using these spice packets to create quicker German dishes. German engineering has created great spice mixes, the art goes back a long way in history.





Rindfleisch Stew
Potato Knoephla


I am taking some cooking license here and using German ideas to create my own thing. The stew uses beer, paprika and caraway much like a Goulash and the Knoephla is a take on the German -Russian favorite Knoephla, and the Penn Dutch filling for Boova Schenkel

Rindfleisch is the word for beef in German and I love the word. If I just called this hybrid stew Beef Stew, It wouldn't sound right.
I love the way Rindfleisch sounds so let it be said and let it be done!


Come into my kitchen and let's first get started on
the Rindfleisch Stew recipe with
Step by Step Pictures

NEXT Let's make the Knoephla

I have been reading a lot about Knoephla that is a specialty in Minnesota and the Dakotas.
I most often see it as either Knoephla Soup, which has snipped little cylinders of dough or Kase Knoephla,
which is stuffing the dough with a cheese mixture.

Come into my kitchen now and let's make
Potato Cheese Knoephla with
Step by Step Pictures



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Wildecker Herzbuben -
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