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Some New Recipes!

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Nancy Eaton's
German Potato Salad
with Iceberg Lettuce

My friend Nancy Eaton sent me this recipe that her Pennsylvania Dutch
grandma use to deftly make and it was gobbled up.

Go here to make
Eaton's German Potato Salad
with Iceberg Lettuce
with step by step pictures


Kassler Rippchen
Smoked Pork Chops

Recipe Here

Kassler Rippchen Notes

I first saw these at the Black Forest Inn , Bend, Oregon where I had my restaurant. Later the owner, Axel Hoch and I hooked up to start another restaurant. he had these on the menu
and called them Kassler Ribs. I never questioned why ...Kassler.

This is a very popular dish through much of Germany and shows up on many menus in the states.
It also goes by the name Kassler Kottelet. In the States it may be Kassler Ribs, or Kassler Pork Chop. Rippchen refers to this cut of meat, like a Spare rib or chop.

No one seems to know for sure, but I find this,
The "Kasseler" procedure was invented in 1880 by a butcher in Berlin (last name Cassel). He smoked a large pork loin then allowed it to ripen in a salt brine. By doing this, moisture was drawn out of the meat, thereby preventing bacteria from spreading. This process preserved the meat, but also gave the meat a distinctive taste. It soon became a favorite in and around Berlin. Its popularity spread throughout Germany, where it remains a favorite dish today. However the records show no one living at that time in Berlin named Cassel. So who knows. There is a town in Germany named Kassel, but most folks don't think this process started there.

My friend Gloria McKay asked me about this dish that she had at a German restaurant outside of Phoenix, AZ. I had been wanting to experiment with this dish and see what we came up with.
Many folks will grill, or BBQ these chops but I simmered them with Sauerkraut in Beef Broth.
I served them with Himmel und Erde, which is a potatoes boiled with apples and mashed.

You can buy these smoked pork chops , but also you can start with a pork roast bone in and make your own.

Come into my kitchen and let's make
Kassler Rippchen mit Sauerkraut

(Smoked Pork Chops with Sauerkraut)
with Step by Step Pictures.

This dish goes well with Himmel und Erde,
Potatoes cooked with apples and mashed,
topped with grilled onions


Go here to make Himmel und Erde with step by step pictures

Here is another style from Barb Rokitka,

Kassler Ripchen or Smoked Pork with Braised Cabbage


view inside of book here

Our Cookbook
Recipes From a German Grandma

Order the book and I will send you some of the
pink curing salt and the spice blend to make your own
Kassler Rippchen and Westphalian Style Ham


more information for the book

Also Bonus Recipes that go with the book with Step by Step Pictures
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Fondue Tips and Bits to Dip

Pronounced [fahn-DOO]The word fondue
is derived from the French word "fondre" which means "melt".

My sister and family love to do Fondue. Fondue is one of
the national dishes of Germany's nearby Switzerland.
It was a fun family meal that was interactive.

In a history tidbit, fondue was most likely the result of bread and cheese that hung around a while and was hardened. In the 18th century they couldn't get fresh foods during winter. Food was also scarce. The hard cheese softened with white wine and made a good sauce to dip hard bread in. The style of serving this dish is likely not an accident either. There was a time when plates and eating utensils were not affordable to the common soul. A communal pot would have been the norm.

The traditional fondue pot is called a "caquelon" or "câclon"
and is made of a heavy earthenware. Other variations include glazed ceramic or enameled iron. All variations are heavy to help promote even heat distribution and heat retention.
The fondue is heated on your cooktop in the caquelon over low to medium heat then transferred to the table and placed over an alcohol burner or a hot plate.

Two cheeses are common to Swiss fondue. a Gruyere and Emmanthaller also Appenzeller


Set of Fondue Cheeses (2.5 pound)
Emmanthaller (1 pound), Gruyere (1 pound) and Appenzeller (1/2 pound)

Patric and Karla Muller friends from Switzerland gave us tips on true Swiss Fondue.

Karla said that garlic is very important..... but not too much.
Some rub the fondue pot with a garlic clove and that is it.
Most of the time they buy a pre made blend that they just melt in the pot and add wine, the garlic and a little potato starch or corn starch to thicken.

They Recommend this ready made mix

Emmi is a great brand that Karla endorses.

Get Emmi here at the German Deli.

There are lots of different fondue recipes
Here are a few.

Cheese Fondue Swiss Style

Beef Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

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German Music



This is a great one

I watch it over and over, the man playing the bicycle horns
is very talented!

The group is named Hochtirol



Antonia - Fliegerlied
Flying Music

this is a famous party song for Oktoberfests
and other German fests



More German Music




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