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Welcome to the July 29, 2012 German Goodies Newsletter

More Potato Salad Goodies, German Walnut Cake and Queen of Sheba (Königin von Saba)

I really really enjoy all the responses on the last newsletter about chilled Potato Salad. It is often just little differences that make a huge difference.
In time you can work toward making your own family recipe.
Or several depending on what trips your fancy for that day.
What is also interesting is the different regional differences.

German Walnut Cake , one thing leads to another ......

We had a request from Sylvia about a German Walnut Torte that was so good that her mother made in Germany, and we got some wonderful recipes that went from chocolate to the Queen of Sheba.



Potato Salad from Thuringia

My mother however, was from a small town in Thuringia called Saalfeld. She always made cold potato salad which I still make for my family.
I have no actual recipe but it is made in the following way:
Cut up and boil 4-5 medium waxy potatoes. I prefer the red ones. Drain and let cool in a large bowl.
Dice three to four strips of bacon and fry until crisp. Drain on paper towels, saving the bacon fat.

Saarfeld, Thuringia

Thuringia, Bratwurst, done traditionally on the BBQ using pine cones for fuel.

Dice one medium onion and saute in the reserved bacon fat until translucent. Drain.
Chop 2-3 dill pickle spears.

When the potatoes are cooled, mix with the bacon, onion, and dill pickles. Add mayonnaise, a pinch of dill weed, and salt and pepper to taste. Let sit for an hour to allow the flavors to meld.

This is wonderful in the summer served with grilled Bratwurst! My son-in-law, who is from Georgis loves it and often requests it on the weekend!

Andrea Harrington

This potato salad sounds perfect with some Thuringia Brats
hot off the BBQ.


Thuringia is located right above Bavaria



Adding Thin Sliced Cucumber to Potato Salad

I was glad to see you publish the recipe for Swabian Potato Salad.  I just want to add that, while growing up in Memmingen im Allgaeu, in the area called Schwaben in the western part of Bavaria, we always added a peeled, very thinly sliced cucumber to the Swabian potato salad.  

Try it with roasted pork and apple sauce.   It's yummy!  Also, if you don't have beef broth handy for the salad, you can substitute   some Maggi seasoning. 

Celia H. 

Some more comments.

Cold -Hot- or Room Temperature is best???
Annette Engols that has the German Cafe in Sierra Vista, AZ says that they serve their potato salad at, room temperature, and that the taste is better. Anette Holmes said when she grew up in Germany the cook at the school she went to always served it room temperature.

Simone Jahrling said that she will roast a pork shoulder and use the drippings to mix into the salad. Yum!

Roy Denman will top with some chopped bacon on his potato salad.

Here are some more Potato Salad Recipes

Off the subject of potato salad Stephen Taylor use to live in Trier, was single so ate in a Gasthaus most of the time. The side green salad most of the time has a dressing that was creamy and yellow. Cool thing is that the creaminess is developed by blending the oil and mustard. There is no thickener or egg in it.

Here is a recipe that I use, but I am using a popular oil in Germany now ,
Organic Sunflower Oil



Our Family

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Apple Kuchen

Apfel Strudel














Old Fashioned Home Made Noodles


German Potato Salad


Potato Dumplings
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Gefulte Nudeln

Chicken and Dumplings

(Sweet and Sour Purple Cabbage)

Potato Pancakes

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If you liked Recipes from a German Grandma...


From Germany with Love,
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This is a nice companion book to Recipes from a German Grandma.
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One Thing Leads to Another....

The Bollwerksturm in Heilbronn built in the 1300's

Sylvia wrote a request for a cake her mother from Heilbronn made that she loved But the recipe was gone when she died.She was wondering if anyone had this recipe,

All I can recall is that she used a dozen eggs separated, ground walnuts, sugar and breadcrumbs. The eggs whites were whipped until stuff and the walnut, breadcrumb, sugar and the rest of the unknown ingredients were blended and  then  folded into the stuff egg whites. From what I recall there was no flour used. It was put into 3-9 inch round cake pans and baked at about 325 F. It had a sponge like quality to it and was iced with a coffee-butter cream frosting with more ground walnuts. I have been able to recreate the frosting.

Oma's Walnut Cake

Suzanne Burvenich sent this recipe that Sylvia said looked really close to what sounded like her mother made so she will try it. Suzanne said For her icing she would get a tub of the whipped sweet butter and add a tsp at a time of nestle chocolate milk mix and just 1 tsp vanilla. She would keep tasting until it was just right. Maybe you can add espresso powder or instant coffee to taste. After she put the filling in the middle she would cover the whole cake in fresh whipped cream. I wish I had the extract measurements but she didn't write them down. She had us help and watch : ) Go here for recipe


Sylvia Norris sent the link to this recipe that isn't necessarily German but is in the same style of separated eggs and ground nuts, and perfect for passover because no flour.

Walnut Passover Cake

Sylvia has recently started a restaurant in Colorado where she uses some of her recipes from her Germans from Russia heritage.

Königin Von Saba Torte
Queen of Sheba Cake

Then Gabby Ethington sent a similar recipe that her mom made and was a favorite. Gabby and her family are from Ansbach, Germany.

This cake is made similar to the Walnut cake but is chocolate. The name Queen of Sheba comes possibly from the cake is a similar skin color to the Ethiopian queen that took a liking to Solomon or the cake is rich enough for the queen.

Oddly enough in searching this out Julia Child did this cake for one of her programs.
Someone did the cake on youtube here.

More recipes for this style of cake from gracious donors can be found on the Facebook German Goodies Blog here......

Thank you to all that have posted!



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German Music Selection

Lustige Musikanten - Bayrisches Medley



In München steht ein Hofbräuhau

Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit



Lustige Musikanten - Finale / Volkslieder-Medley

Marianne & Michael, Kirmes musicians, Eva Lind, Géraldine Olivier, Tony Marshall, the shepherds and many other


Lustige Musikanten - Die großen Schlager der 50er Jahre (Medley) (2003)



Lustige Musikanten - Fernweh-Medley  

Monique & Stefanie Hertel - Two small Italian
Michael Hartl - That's what I learned in Paris
Marianne & Michael - Rising in the dream boat of love
Bianca & Thomas App Rothfuß (The Shepherd) - White Rose of Athens
German Tenors - Calcutta lies on the Ganges
Stefanie Hertel & Marianne Hartl - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Honolulu beach bikini
all artists - A Banda





More German Music



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