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Bauernbrot , German Farmer's Bread

This is my new favorite bread recipe, adapted from Bob Packer's Sour Rye Bread. it is like basic bread. I am definitely a lover of the rye, and wheat blend.


Konigsberger Klöpse

This is a unique German meatball recipe. They are cooked like you would a dumpling. The sauce is so good, you best have some of the Farmer's Bread.

Celery Root
and Apple Salad

If you have never worked with Celeriac you should try it. I see it more and more in supermarkets and the clerey flavor is double what you get in the stalk.

German Farmer's Bread

I have wanted to expand my German bread making talents this year.
Especially working with the Sauertieg (sourdough).

Bob Packer and Mike Arnoldi both accomplished German bread bakers have been sending me some great recipes. One that I really have enjoyed is Bob Packer's Sour Rye Bread. He sent me some of his rye sourdough starter, but you can make your own also.

I have adapted this recipe so that it is pretty easy to do.

Growing up making bread here in the states, the dough was always really firm,you could make it into a ball and play catch with it. It was very stretchy also.

This bread is less like that. Like many Artisan breads you want the dough to be
very loose. The Germans often bake their bread in a Brotform. We will do that later.

But for now Come into my kitchen and let's make
Bauernbrot or German Farmer's Bread with
step by step pictures

Frieling 8-inch Round Brotform  

Also called a Banneton

courtesy of Artisan Baker

Here you raise the bread in the Bratform and then turn it out onto the peel
and bake it on your oven stone in the oven. Very rustic!


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Königsberger Klopse

German style meatballs in a succulent sour cream sauce.
Served with Boiled firm white potatoes.

My friend George Keiper asked about this dish,
that he use to eat it at one of his favorite German restaurants in
New Jersey called the Dutchman's Brauhaus.

There is something more to this dish than just meatballs in sour cream gravy.
If you have never tried this blend of meats to make the most succulent meat balls or meat dumplings you really ought to. It is not just German
but all over Europe. The key is ground pork, beef and veal. If you can't find the veal then substitute equal parts of beef and pork.

Anette Holmes says the sauce her mother made
is one of her very fond memories growing up in Germany, that
you always needed bread to get the last drop.

What the heck is a KLOPSE! and where is Königsberger.
Here is some background......

The city of Könisberg is located now right north of the Polish border,
it is now called Kalingrad.
König means King in German and berg is mountain
It was part of the Prussian empire.
Prussia was a state of old Germany. Being a port much of their
cuisine is based around fish.

(Königsberg) Kalingrad is located right above Poland)

These meatballs do have just a bit of fish in them but you could never tell.
Another interesting note is that minced meat , what we call
say ground beef in the states, was also popular along ports,
like Hamburg, Germany. For some reason the little meat patties,
often somewhat salted, were easy to eat for the busy port workers and
the sailors. This would be some way similar to Jerky that hunters and campers
carry, that are preserved. This is of course the birthplace of the Hamburger.

So one the popular dishes of this area became, these meatballs called
"Klopse". They are not your average chef Boy R Dee either. These are
very tender , moist and have a succulent flavor, spiced with a sauce that
has sour cream, a bit of lemon, capers and some add a bit of sugar to balance it.
They also are seasoned with one of all the Food Network chefs like to use
and that is Anchovies. Don't turn me off yet...you don't taste the anchovies,
They have an interesting way of adding flavor to something, whether it is a salad
dressing or a meatball

Heidi Boepple-Nikolaidis and Anette Holmes brought up this dish after
Lee Ewald had emailed me wondering about a good traditional recipe
for a dish his mother made called German Klomps.
I posted it on Facebook and no one from Germany had ever heard the term "KLomps"
Finally Hedwig Piacetino suggested they may be talking about Klopse or meatballs.

Come into my kitchen and let's make
Königsberger Klopse
Step by Step Pictures







Celery Root and Apple Salad

German Style Waldorf Salad

In Germany celery root also called Celeriac is more popular than it is here in the states. It is gaining in popularity. It is not a pretty looking vegetable to most folks.

It has such an nice texture and an enhanced celery flavor


Come into my kitchen and let's make
Celery Root and Apple Salad
with Step by Step Pictures.



German Music

Die 3 Z'widern -
Hob I Geld, Hob I Uhr, Hob I Hos'ntuerl HD

Translate the groups name means the 3 bad boys.

Z'widern is a Bavarian term for bad boy.


 This is such a fun group!

More music from

Die 3 Z'widern




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