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  Liebe Grüße zum Muttertag!
( Best Wishes on Mother's Day)

Since 1914 in the United States and since 1923 it has been a national holiday in
Germany as well.

It got started in the U.S. by a lady with a lot of tenacity
named Anna Jarvis. Read about how she campaigned to have Mother's Day
a national holiday.


This is just some nice German/ Austrian music from the area of Tirol, which is in Austria but it is just south of Bavaria. This video has wonderful music and lots of shots of Spring flowers, so I wanted to put it
here in honor of all Mothers.

Spring has always been a symbol of new life and Mothers are the bearers of
new life.


Remembrances of my German Grandma
(Emma Block)


Above is a photo of young Emma Block

(right) The home from the farm in Steinsfurt, Germany in Baden.

My Grandmother at 15 years of age left from her home in Steinsfurt, Germany early January 1904, with her older sister Sophie, and older brother Heinrich,

Here is the train station they left from in Steinsfurt. It was a long journey , going first by train North to Hamburg.

they boarded this
Ship, The Deutschland, from Hamburg and sailed to Ellis Island, New York, arriving in January 22.

To see if your relatives came into Ellis Island there is more information here

Many of my memories were of her knitting or crocheting in her chair.

I learned so much from her about cooking most of which was after she had passed.

Here she is making Gefulte Noodles which was one of our most favorite meals and her brothers for sure.

We make them to this day for a special celebration.

Make Gefüllte Noodles in my kitchen with me here
(this may take a minute to load)

printer friendly recipe



Grandma Block making Gefulte Noodles

She taught me many wonderful things about cooking. Most of them
after she had passed, from my mother and father and the
memories of eating her wonderful meals.

Have a Wonderful Muttertag!!!!

Our New Book

Written by my Mother, Aileen Block that patiently took time to record all the events of my grandma's (Oma) life growing up in Germany and immigrating to the United States like so many did to build a new life. Also my dad who has such a good memory helped recall many events of this wonderful story that could have been lost in time.

From Germany with Love

From Germany with Love,
By Aileen Block

This is a nice companion book to Recipes from a German Grandma
From Germany with Love tells the story of my grandma, Emma Block, from growing up in a little town in Baden/ Würtemberg, Germany near Heidelberg named Steinsfurt. Then at the age of 15 immigrating to the United States at the age of 15 taking a train with one of her sisters and brothers to Hamburg and sailing the Atlantic with other hope filled Germans wanting to make a new life in the "New World". Life was not easy but with good values she learned in her German upbringing made a full life and wonderful family with celebration including the great German meals that led us to write the book Recipes from a German Grandma.

I have enjoyed reliving this story over and over to get in touch with my German roots and I feel many of you will feel the same, as you had a beautiful loving German Grandma like we did.


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Our Family

from a
German Grandma

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Comes with over 50 Bonus recipes with Step by Step color pictures.


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I include
Over 50 Bonus Recipes with Step by Step Pictures

I am very proud of these recipes as they take a lot of the
guess work out of making these fabulous German specialties.

Simply open up the recipes with step by step pictures and print out the item you like. I keep mine in a notebook.

See the Whole List Here of Recipes Here


Apple Kuchen

Apfel Strudel














Old Fashioned Home Made Noodles


German Potato Salad


Potato Dumplings
(Kartoffel Knödel)



Gefulte Nudeln

Chicken and Dumplings

(Sweet and Sour Purple Cabbage)

Potato Pancakes

See the Whole List Here of Recipes Here






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Over 50 great pickle recipes for all
kinds of vegetables, fruit and even eggs.

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Alles Gute!

Stephen Block