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Guten Tag!

Erdbeer Tortenboden

German Strawberry Torte

This is another way to celebrate Spring with this delicious torte
that is similar to a sponge cake, layered with cream,
then this nice jelled fresh strawberry topping.

Like the Little Spargel stands on the streets of Germany, there will also be Strawberry stands popping up this spring.


I thought this might also be a fun dessert to make for Mother's day coming up.

This was so much fun making it last year that I am repeating it this year.
The Tortenboden is a sponge cake like recipe with a hint of lemon peel in it.
It is the perfect base to layer with cream and then put your favorite fruit on it.

I got started making these when a reader wanted a good recipe so she could make several of these at a time and freeze them


First here is the recipe for the
with Step by Step Pictures.


Then here is how to make the filling and the topping for a
Erdbeer Tortenboden with Step by Step Pictures.


Thank you to Anette Holmes and Heike Kreuger for showing me how to make this delicious light desert with a glorious presentation.


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Written by my Mother, Aileen Block that patiently took time to record all the events of my grandma's (Oma) life growing up in Germany and immigrating to the United States like so many did to build a new life. Also my dad who has such a good memory helped recall many events of this wonderful story that could have been lost in time.

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From Germany with Love

From Germany with Love,
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This is a nice companion book to Recipes from a German Grandma
From Germany with Love tells the story of my grandma, Emma Block, from growing up in a little town in Baden/ Würtemberg, Germany near Heidelberg named Steinsfurt. Then at the age of 15 immigrating to the United States at the age of 15 taking a train with one of her sisters and brothers to Hamburg and sailing the Atlantic with other hope filled Germans wanting to make a new life in the "New World". Life was not easy but with good values she learned in her German upbringing made a full life and wonderful family with celebration including the great German meals that led us to write the book Recipes from a German Grandma.

I have enjoyed reliving this story over and over to get in touch with my German roots and I feel many of you will feel the same, as you had a beautiful loving German Grandma like we did.


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Our Family

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Apple Kuchen

Apfel Strudel














Old Fashioned Home Made Noodles


German Potato Salad


Potato Dumplings
(Kartoffel Knödel)



Gefulte Nudeln

Chicken and Dumplings

(Sweet and Sour Purple Cabbage)

Potato Pancakes

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Annabell's Laugenbrezeln
(Pretzels) 10pck

By Brinker Bakery in Germany

From Germany imported soft Pretzels are baked in the old Pretzel tradition with a top quality recipe. They are then frozen to lock in flavor and moisture. Thaw and enjoy or bake frozen in preheated oven for 2-4 minutes for a fresh baked taste.

1000g (Old Rye Bread)

by Brinker Bakery

This item has 22 number 5 star reviews!
I loved it when I got mine. I was amazed that a loaf of bread can be made thousands
of miles away in the Fatherland and taste like it was made next door.

Hand Made in Germany, deep-frozen and shipped to the US in a deep freeze container. This bread has a strong Rye taste. A 90% rye and 10% wheat flour combination bread with a biological 3 stage natural sour dough. A very moist center with a very crisp, flavorful crust. It's all about the crust with this bread. It's a real winner. You simply defrost and heat through. Outrageously delicious by our German staffs' standards.



Our German


orig Ötztal Trio - zu Tirol gehört das Jodel




Sauerkraut Tiroler Polka



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Angela Wiedl - Sonntag (1993)


More by Angela Wiedl

More German Music



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