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Welcome to the Oct 30, 2012 Newsletter !

One Recipe Leads to Another......


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Just wanted to share some of the recipes that have come through the forum when a simple topic is brought up. Lo and behold one recipe leads to another and new dishes I have never heard of pop up that are unique and there are new challenges in my kitchen and I am sure others.

I was given a ham hock and so I simmered it with sauerkraut , fresh apples, onions, beer and some potatoes.
I asked in our forum what others would have done with the ham hock and several said Lentil soup. I said ahh that sounds great! So I had always wanted to make a Lentil or Pea soup in it that Lori Ebner had at he Eltz Castle in Germany , that was served with a whole frankfurter resting on top, so you ate this with a knife and fork and not just a spoon.

Anette also helped solve an issue with what a strange German kitchen container given to Risa Harman called a Brotkessel. (Bread Vessel ) It turns out it was and only for bread storage and not for cooking soup. Remy Sage found Suppen aus dem Brotkessel though. However Anette found that was a term for hollowed out loaf of bread that you serve a hearty soup or stew in. That will be my next challenge. ....So this is just a newsletter with some of the fun recipes that were shared, I hope you visit the forum and post some of your special German recipes.





Crock Pot German Style Sauerkraut

I started out posting this recipe and it led to some of the others.
I love that and love to hear your ideas too!

This is a simple recipe where you put all the ingredients in the pot and then let it simmer all day till dinner. A salad and some good German Rye bread and you have a whole meal.


Lentil soup with Frankfurter
Linsensuppe mit Frankfurter

This novel way of serving a Lentil or Pea soup caught my attention when a friend Lori Ebner last year sent me a picture of the pea soup that she had visiting the Eltz castle on the Mosel river.

Erbesensuppe Recipe

Read a little more about the Eltz Castle here and pea soup here.

You can use Lentils or dried peas for this recipe for Lentil soup

another interesting recipe is Lentil Soup with Rhubarb
The Rhubarb is a nice flavor additive.


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Dieter's Goulash

This is inspired by my friend Dieter in Gelsenkirchen Germany. I added a few things to Dieter's recipe, but I think you will like it.

I tried it 2 ways, one with sour cream mixed into it
and one with it just on top. Go here for the recipe!


This is what a Brotkesselsuppe ( bread-vessel-soup) would look like, that I referenced in the intro.
Thank you Anette Holmes for finding this!

You can make a round loaf or buy your own to make this.
It is a novel way to serve The Lentil Soup, Dieter's Goulash, any thick soup, or stew.

Anette also posted a recipe for this unusual Jam
that is a German treat. It is made from Rose Hips.
It is called Haggebutte Konfitüre. It is a delicious new flavor, not overly sweet too.

Here is the recipe for Rose Hip Jam

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Blaue Zipfel

This dish is made with Fränkishe Sausages Generally 6 -8 inches long, a coarse sausage and generally pan roasted or done in a broth of vinegar, wine and onions, called “Blaue Zipfel” ( blue corner) leaving sometimes a bluish tint on the sausage.


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German Potato Salad


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Grünkohl mit Pinkel
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