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Welcome to the Feb 7, 2013 Newsletter !
The Fasching Season

Courtesy of Brauhaus Schmitz

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Berliner Pfankuchen
Jelly or Custard Donuts

Twisted Pasry

Also like a Jelly Donut

(potato donuts)

Fasching Bowties

Angel Wings


Karneval and Fasching in Germany
(Like Mardi Gras)


While American's are celebrating Mardi Gras, the Germans call it Fasching, or Karneval
depending on where you are in Germany.

Today is called Weiberfastnacht
Something like a Fat Thursday in the Rhineland

Weiberfastnacht - Thursday before Ash Wednesday. This is mainly an event held in the Rhineland. The day begins with women storming into and symbolically taking over city hall. Then, women thoughout the day will snip off men's ties and kiss any man that passes their way. The day ends with people going to local venues and bars in costume.



It is a time when there are costumes and parades and all sorts of craziness. This climaxes on what is called Fastnacht, ( the night before the fast) which is called Mardi Gras here or Fat Tuesday. It's root's go way back to ancient Roman times.
The History of Mardi Gras

Rome conquered Germany as far as the Elbe River, (in the Rhineland area). The Romans took their beloved festival that they called Carnevale, wherever they went. It was accepted well and to this day is still celebrated in the Catholic areas of Germany. It makes sense. The people of the cities were ruled with an iron fist, and were couped up all winter, and needed a good release. No one understood this more than the ruling class. So they had parades and costumes. They towns folk elected their own king and queen, and the rulers for this festival waited on the peasants.

They object of the costumes was to mock the leaders and Church officials and embarrass them as much as possible. In the big halls people sit at long tables, eat and drink, sing and listen to clowns or jokers who again ridicule the whole establishment. The jokers are called “Buettenredner”. The name derives from the fact that the joker often stands in a fat, (Buett) which was used to wash the dirty laundry in. This is their aim, to wash the “dirty laundry” of the community out in the open for everyone to see, hear and laugh about. In between there is plenty of music and dancing and schunkeln, (linking arms, moving from site to site and with the rhythm of the music).


Read more about the other days of Fasching here

Weiberfastnacht Donnerstag, ......7 Februar 2013
Rosenmontag Montag,................11 Februar 2013
Fastnacht Dienstag, ..................12 Februar 2013
Aschermittwoch Mittwoch,...........13 Februar 2013


Berliner Pfankuchen
Jelly or custard donuts


This is a yeast based raised donut that you sandwich jelly inside.
simple and wonderful flavor. This is a popular donut and comes with as many different fillings as it has names.

A similar pastry is also known as
Bismarck, Krepple, Grebble, Fastnacht kuchen or Fastnachtküchle.


Come into my kitchen and let's make some
Berliner Pfankuchen together with step by step pictures



also known as Grebble

This is another version of the Berliner recipe
Go here to make Krepple


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Apple Strudel


It's Fasching Time
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( Twisted Pastry )

Schneeballen has been made famous in Rothenburg, Germany
a city in Northern Bavaria.

Rothenburg also known as Rothenburg ob der Tauber
which means"Red Fortress above the Tauber" (a river)

Rothenburg is known for it's Schneeballen but also it's red roof skyline.

Recipes have been around for this pastry for 300 years now, so I suppose it has stood the test of time.

This is a Bakery window in Rothenburg and as you can see there is more flavors that just powdered sugar.
You can put marzipan in them as well.

Come into my kitchen and let's make some
with Step by Step Pictures



This is a fun donut to make that is popular during Fasching and
made from a potato dough.

Go here to make Fastnachts



Fasching Bowties

This is a cool shape with a similar dough as the Schneeballen and Angel Wings that I showed in
last weeks newsletter

Come into my kitchen and let's make some

Fasching Bow Ties
with Step by Step Pictures


German Schunkeln Music



Lustige Musikanten - Schunkel-Potpourri






Maria & Margot Hellwig - Das Kufsteinlied 2003


Schneewalzer / Snow Waltz

by Peter Alexander




More German Music



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