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Welcome to the Jan 28, 2013 Newsletter !

Making your own noodles (Handgemachte Nudeln)
German Auflauf (casserole)
Schinkennudeln and Schinkenfleckerln
(Ham and Noodle Casseroles)


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I read When Ann Sloan wrote me a few months ago asking about a dish her grandmother made called Schinkennudeln Auflauf, I hadn’t a clue.

The first thing that is fun is that Auflauf means casserole in German. I love the sound of the word Auflauf...(OWF-Lowf) as in if you get cut and say OW!

One thing I am finding out about many dishes like this and even stews is that some Germans love to layer them, as opposed to mixing them all up and pouring it in the baking dish, or stirring everything up in the pot.
This reminds me of my dad and his not wanting to dirty another dish if he doesn’t have to, so layering is Germanly –efficient!

At first I thought this would be like a German Mac and Cheese but the recipe that German born and raised, Anette Holmes sent was authentic had only a small amount of cheese used with the bread crumbs on the crust. Trudy Maynard made it and confirmed it is how she remembered in Germany. You can certainly add more cheese on every layer if you need it , but I liked it without all the cheese just as much.


Schinkennudeln Auflauf
Ham and Noodle Casserole

I made several different styles in this recipe. I have these nice small casserole dishes so I made a variety for my family to taste.


Go here to make this delicious "Auflauf" with step by step pictures.


Handgemachte Nudeln
handmade noodles

I then found the recipe in “The Cuisines of Germany” and read that it is one of the most popular casseroles in Southern Germany especially south of the Main Line.

This recipe the author Horst Scharfenberg recommends making your own egg noodles which seems to have been a something that German Hausfrau’s prided themselves with making.
Anette said that King Arthur AP Flour is very close to what you get in Germany so I used that, and is easy to find.


ham and noodle casserole with ground ham

Another similar casserole to Schinkennudeln is Schinkenfleckerln. Schinken of course means ham and Fleck means something similar to a spot. In this case it refers to the ham being ground.

This is easy to do in a food processor. I made the dish with home made noodles and it was a super success everyone from 5 to 50+ years old loved it!

You can of course make this with store bought egg noodles but why not try this and see how great it is to make your own noodles!

Go here to make Schinkenfleckern
with step by step pictures.


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