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Welcome to the June 27th, 2013 Newsletter !
A German Technique for Wirsing and other Vegetables

My Dad's Favorite Style, Chopped and Lightly Creamed


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 Wirsing (VEER-sing) is one of the words used for Savoy Cabbage in Germany.
It is also called Welschkohl or Savoyerkohl and is milder in flavor than the head cabbage we are so use to seeing in stores.

If you have ever been to the Haus Murphy in Glendale, Arizona which is just outside of Phoenix you will see on their menu a side dish called "Wirsing." served with the Schnitzels. This is the first I have ever heard of such a thing and it sounded like something that spins around and around! It was delicious chopped and creamed Savoy cabbage.
Wirsing is from a word borrowed from one of the major Germanic tribes in 6 - 9th century that settled in what is now Northern Italy, the Lombards. Verza meant green vegetable. Verza sounds like it might be close to verde = green in Spanish.

Savoy cabbage is believed to have originated from England and Holland. Savoy cabbage was introduced into Germany in the 18th century. It was originally known as "Savoyer Kohl" because it came to Germany from the Savoy ruled region of north-western Italy, where the name for Savoy cabbage is Verza. The name later changed to "Wirsing," GFG


Simone Nieweg/ Wirsing.

Here is a nice picture of a Wirsing cabbage in the garden.

This head is darker in color than the one I used below.


in Sahnesosse

Savoy Cabbage in cream sauce

By Karin Elliot and other members of the German Goodies FB group

This makes a nice side dish. Germans like to chop and cream vegetables, like Spinach. One of my dad's favorite dishes my grandma made was creamed spinach. I have heard other Germans talk about
creaming just about any vegetable in this manner. The pureeing of them is especially helpful when they
were out in the wild and a bit tough like wild asparagus.

You can also puree it.
A great accompaniment to Smoked Pork Loin. also called Kappler Ripchen


Karin Elliot's mother in Germany use to serve this with fried or boiled potato chunks and
a Frankfurter to make a whole meal.


Come into my kitchen and let's make Wirsing mit Sahnsosse
with step by step pictures

Here are some suggestions by our
FB German Recipes Group

Gisela Toner
wrote.... my mom cooked it first then put it thru a grinder, then she made a white gravy with it, we ate it with boiled potatoes (salzkartoffeln) that is one of my favorites.

Tina Chambers
I usually boil first, thenput the wirsing thru a food chopper, in the meanwhile I fry up some bacon, put the wirsing in the bacon, fry a few minutes, add heavy whipping cream, salt pepper, nutmeg. To make it pureed use a pureeing stick at the end

Brigit Kraus
my mom used to chop her wirsing coarsely then parboil it... drain it..she would finely chop onions with which she would make a white roux, spice it with salt, pepper, nutmeg, maggi etc, she would add the wirsing then use a potato masher on the wirsing to make it even finer.... let simmer ... it was yummy

Elke Kelly
1.Take a cutting board, peel the onion and chop it into fine pieces.
2. Then cut the bacon it into about 0.5 cm cubes.
When the savoy brown outer leaves and cut it into two parts. Then, remove the stalk and cut the cabbage into thin strips. Very suitable for a bread knife. 3. Now prepare the broth according to package directions and then set it aside. 4. In a large saucepan Now fry the onions and bacon in butter until a light tan is obtained. 5. Add the cabbage added, mix all ingredients together well and then add the hot broth. 6. On low heat let the cabbage will slowly soft. Paste during cooking add a little baking soda, the cabbage is easier to digest. 7 In a small bowl, then add the flour and the milk and stir everything together until smooth, then add to the cabbage. 8 Let the cabbage boil and then taste it off with salt, pepper and nutmeg. 9 Finally, enter the cream among the no longer boiling cabbage and serve it as hot as possible.



Stuffed Pork Chop
with Apple Pumpernickel Dressing

This is a good dish to use with Wirsing


Creamed Spinach
with Bacon and Onion

Spinat Sahne Sosse mit Speck und Zwiebel


This was my dad's favorite and still is. We could eat this 3 nights a week probably.
Chopped Frozen spinach works well for this. If you get the whole leaf frozen I recommend you chop it up fine.

Come into my kitchen and let's make creamed spinach
with bacon and onions with step by step pictures.




Fried Cabbage
with Cheese Sauce

Kohl mit Käsesosse

This is a creamed cabbage with cheese added to the sauce

How about let's make Fried Cabbage with Cheese Sauce
with step by step pictures.



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Die jungen Klostertaler
- Koa Hiatamadl



~~~ ♪♪♪~~~

Here is the same tune done in a
blend of Volksmusik and Rock and Roll.

Hubert von Goisan
koa hirtermadl mog i net


Ja mei, ja mei
Wenn in mir um a Diandl schau
Dann woaá i scho genau
Rund muaá sei
Und a wengerl resch
U mei

Mei, ja mei
De meist'n Menscha ham a Gstell
Zaundürr und mager wiadaw„ll
Mei, ja mei
A solch oane de kunnt's nia sei

Koa Hiatamadl mag i nit
Hat koane dickn Wadln nit
I mag a Diandl aus da Stadt
Was dicke Wadln hat.

Mei, ja mei
Die Moni mit de rot'n Hoar
Is schena nu wia voriges Jahr
Hat a gradnit wenig auf da Waag

Mei - u mei
De Annamiarl kenn i schon
Da renn i liaba glei davon
Is nix dran
Hint'n und voran

Koa Hiatamadl mag i nit
Hat koane dickn Wadln nit
I mag a Diandl aus da Stadt
Was dicke Wadln hat.

Schen san de Landertanz
Schen san de Almenkranz
Drob'n auf'n Huat
Baid's schen quigizen tuat.

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/h/hubert_von_goisern/

Oh my, oh my
when I go for finding a girl
then I am for sure
she has to be round (that means very feminin figure)
and a littlie bit sexy
oh my

My, oh my
most of the people have a figure
very skinny and scraggy (thin)
my, oh my,
I don´t want such a girl

I do not like a girl form an alpine hut
as she has not big calfs (leg)
I loke a girl from the town
who has big calfs

My, oh my
Moni with her red hair
is much more beautiful then lase year
and has a lot to give when she stands on the scale

My, oh my
I already know Annamiarl (Annamiarl is a short form of Anne-Marie)
I better run and hide
she has nothing
neither in the front nor on her back side


~~~ ♪♪♪~~~


~~~ ♪♪♪~~~

Weit Weit Weg
Hubert von Goisern

~~~ ♪♪♪~~~
Red is the Rose

Rot sind die Rose



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