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Welcome to the March 28, 2013 Newsletter !

Easter (Ostern)
Traditions and Recipes
part 2
go here for part 1


Our German Cookbook

Specials from the German Deli

Eier und Grüner Soße
(Eggs in Green Sauce with
potatoes )

Oster Rosinebrot
German Easter Raisin Bread

German braided Easter bread
in a wreath (Kranz) shape

Easter cake shaped like a lamb

Baked Easter Ham German Style

BBQued Lamb

Also Baked Ham in Rye Dough.
A German Classic


Eier und Grüner Sosse
Hard boiled Eggs and Boiled Potatoes
with Green Sauce

Go here for more about the history of Frankfurter Grünersosse

This is a very popular spring dish in the state of Hesse.
It is a very light and satisfying dish. I had it this week and couldn't wait
to have it again the next day. Very simple, and the flavors marry perfect.

Come into my kitchen and let's make
Eier und Grüner Sosse

If you can't find all the 7 herbs for this feel free to just
use a few if that is all you can find.


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This is a follow up to "Recipes from a German Grandma' a full biography of Emma Block from growing up in Germany to coming over here as a young adult and living as a German-American in the early and mid 1900's.


Oster Rosinebrot
German Easter Raisin Bread

Joe Franklin posted this recipe on our Facebook community page, that you are all welcome to join.

About this special Easter treat Joe commented, German Easter raisin bread is not your ordinary raisin bread. It is flavored with orange and lemon zest. This is a fantastic bread to serve for Easter dinner and makes an incredible breakfast bread that can be toasted and served with butter.
My good friend Carl Crombach made this a week ago and said it was fantastic!

Go here for the recipe for Oster Rosinebrot




This recipe is very much like a Stollen recipe that you would make during the Christmas season.
You make 3 ropes and braid them together. the 3 represents the trinity. The word Kranz
means wreath. Betsy Arnoldi requested the recipe and I posted it on our community Facebook page
German Goodies Recipes and we got lots of great recipes and tips.

Go here for this wonderful recipe for Hefekranz

Here are some of the other suggested recipes from the community.

From Renate

From Anita

From Petra

From Anna

From Bonnie Beck

From Roy Denman





Easter Lamb Cake

Rick Wiedman first told me about this and that his mom use to
use her lamb mold each year to make this cake for Easter

This recipe uses a coconut frosting to give the lamb it's wool.

Go here for the recipe for Osterkuchen

I know it is a little late for this Easter but here is where you can purchase a mold to make a lamb shaped Osterkuchen

Purchase a mold for an Easter Cake

Nordic Ware Spring Lamb 3-D Cake Mold  



Kitchen Supply Small Lamb Cake Mold






(Roast ham with wine)

The Block Family's recipe

When Grandma took a notion to bake a ham, she used generous amounts of Grandpa’s homemade wine to baste it with while it was cooking. The spicy aroma of the ham, wine, cloves, and brown sugar baking in the oven left no doubt about what was for dinner! In the old days, she’d buy a real smoked ham, with the bone in and skin on. After having the skin taken off, it was boiled to get some of the salt out of the meat, then covered with brown sugar and cloves, and baked in wine. Those hams were truly memorable!


Go here for the Recipe for our Schinkenbraten (Baked Ham) Recipe.



Baked Ham Wrapped in Rye Bread Dough

Fran Augenstein requested this dish that she had in Germany,
and said oohhh the bread around the ham is so delicious.
It picks up the flavors and spices of a traditional roasted ham,
the cloves and the mustard as well as some of the juices.

I give a traditional German rye dough recipe, but if time is short,
you can use any dough or a store bought bread dough, and it will
still be "schmecht gut!"



Come into my kitchen and let's make
Baked Ham Wrapped in Rye Bread Dough
With Step by Step Pictures





(Marinated and roasted leg of lamb)
Apfel-Minz Geschmack
(apple mint relish)

Come into my kitchen and let's make a Lammbraten
Apfel-Minz Geschmack


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German Potato Salad




Gefulte Nudeln


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From the German Deli

Easter Chocolates

Easter Buffet


German Heritage Festival

My friend Rolf Erhard, of Kartoffelpuffer fame
told me about this one!


The 12th Annual Tomball German Heritage Festival will be March 30, 31, & April 1

located on the Old Downtown Streets of Tomball Texas near 201 S. Elm Street, Main Street (FM 2920), and Market Street. It is a Music/Street festival celebrating German and ethnic heritage with 4 stages of live music entertainment "happy music for happy people", ethnic and festival food, beer, wine, 150 street vendors, all kinds of German souvenirs and clothing, arts crafts, antiques, Heritage Center, German church service, fireworks, carnival, pony ride, petting zoo, strolling music makers, street performers, and much more.  Like Oktoberfest in March!  Huge fun for the whole family!  You do not have to be German to enjoy this festival.  It is fun for everyone, and there is no admission or parking fees.

I love the Brat on a Stick with the Brotchen!

More info here




German Music

Bach's Easter Oratorio, '' Kommt , Eilet und Laufet ''





Frohe Ostern



More German Music




More German Music




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