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Welcome to the Aug 9. 2014 Newsletter !
For a Cool Summer Dinner..

Fleischsalat or Wurstsalat
with a great German Beer

Our German Cookbook

Specials from the German Deli

Creamy Fleischsalat


Chopped Wurstsalat

(Wheat Beer)



Chilled Black Forest Cherry Soup
with Egg White Dumplings
(Kalte Schwartzwälder Kirschsuppe mit SchneeKlößchen)

Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat most likely got it's origin like many dishes, trying to find a new leftover creation to make a family happy, or a Metzger (butcher) using up scraps to show a new offering to his shoppers. Those of you in the U.S. not familiar with this dish may recognize a resemblance in what was called a Chef Salad circa 1950 -1990 and you would find them on a restaurant menu everywhere. Ham, bologna, cheese cut in thin strips on a bed of greens with tomato, egg and pickle. I have good memories of my dad and mom making this often for our evening meal during the hot summer months.

Maybe that is why I have been so fascinated with Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat, a very simple German dish. Many of the pictures you find on the net don't look so great because they look like a goo of Mayo with squiggles. But the idea of the fresh German Wurst or German cold cuts mixed with pickles and onions and sometimes a good mayonnaise gets my stomach growling.


There is so much to learn about making Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat I feel I am just scratching the surface. I appreciate all that I have learned from my friends on Facebook and others that email me with their tips and recipes. To go with this nice German supper try a great
German Beer selections from my beer Guru Frank Reiter

You can put them on bread

Stuff an egg with them

Tomato halves or a pepper make a good "boat"

Or you can make a lettuce wrap with the Fleischsalat and cut down on calories.

This was made with Jennie O -65% Fat Free Smoked sausage


The Basics and Recipes for making
Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat

There are 2 basic types of Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat I have found they are either in a vinaigrette
dressing or creamed with Mayonnaise. Also they are either cut into strips or chopped in to various sizes.

Go Here to make Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat recipes
that I have collected over the last few years.
with step by step recipes.

One of the best items for Fleischsalat is Leberkäse also called Fleischkäse.
Learn how to make your own here with step by step pictures.

One of the keyes is to have a good Mayonnaise for your dressing.

Make your own Mayonnaise easy here with step by step pictures.


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Chilled Black Forest Cherry Soup
Egg White Dumplings

Kalte Schwartzwälder Kirschsuppe mit SchneeKlößchen

Now that cherries are in season, here is a nice dessert or light first course,or lunch for the summer.
The Meringue dumplings are pretty simple to make and give it a nice presentation.

Thank you to Roy Denman for this recipe!

Go here to make
Chilled Cherry Soup with Meringue Dumplings

Fleischsalat and Wurstsalat fixings From the



Ringwurst- Ring Bologna




Sunflower Oil

Thomy Mayonnaise

Wurstsalat Gurken


Beers for Summer Months


Frank Reiter

Frank Reiter


Frank about Food

When the heat of summer is sweltering down on you, you need a beer that is lighter, crisper, and more refreshing. This beer also needs to be lower in alcohol, in order that you can drink more, without getting knocked down with a buzz. There are some beer styles that are a great fit for the hot summer months.

German brewers have historically perfected wheat styles of beer. Many of the more refreshing beers come out of the brewing history of Germany. Hefeweizens are unfiltered wheat beers, that burst refreshingly on your palate. They will put forth notes of banana and clove, typically. Some may provide a floral note. The Belgium style of a comparable wheat would be Witbiers. Traditionally, these will give a coriander & orange peel component in the flavor. There are numerous examples of both these beers in the American market, as imports and as craft beers.

There are also some other great German styles such as Pilsner, Helles, and Kölsch. All are much lighter and more refreshing, and perfect for summer. Kolsch beer can only be named as such, if it is brewed in Cologne, Germany. American crafter breweries will name it "Kölsch Style". Some good import examples of the Pilsners are Warsteiner, Bitburger, And Wernegrüner. Schlafly Brewing, out of St. Louis, produces and amazing Kölsch Style beer.

Another twist on German beer are shandys and radlers. These are produced when you blend a light or pale beer with fruit juice or fruit-flavored sodas. Most often you will find them as lemon shandys or grapefruit radlers. The most notable radler, available throughout the United States, is the Austrian Stiegl Grapefruit Radler.

Read more of Frank's Articles at Frank about Food

American craft brewers have developed their own style for summer, as well. Look for American Blonde Ales on the shelf at your local store. Also, many American wheat beers will be brewed with fruit. For example, you can find Cherry Wheat beers, Strawberry Blonde Ales, etc. In this case, I try to be aware to find the ones that were brewed using fruit in the fermentation stage, rather than artificial flavors and syrups added to the beer. There are a plethora of these styles out there. A couple of examples that have really stood out to me, lately, are the Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale and Founders Rübæus Raspberry Ale.

Do not be afraid to experiment with Build Your Own 6-pack sections of your local liquor store. Load it up with several different styles that I have named, here, and find your own favorites. Often, these stores will have a featured shelf in that section with the seasonal, summer offerings. Enjoy those refreshing brews in this heat. Pros't!




German Music

Mara Kayser (Grün Grün Grün......)





Angela Wiedl - Jodelswing

more music by Angela Wiedl


Katja Ebstein - Die Rose 2003

More music by Katja Ebstein




More German Music



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