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Gefüllte Paprikaschoten
Kalter Hund

Stuffed Bell Peppers and No Bake Chocolate Dessert

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Gefüllte Paprikaschoten

Kalter Hund

I was a little surprised to here that the retro dish Stuffed Bell Peppers is a retro dish in Germany as well. In fact I found a German cookbook that looked similar to my 50's U.S. cookbook and the likeness of how foods were cooked in Germany was startling. Back then Germany was the old world that my grandma (Oma) came from.

When my friend from Sinsheim, Germany told me that he was not a fan of peppers but loved the way his mom made stuffed them with meat and rice I was interested if they prepared them any different than the way our mothers and grandmothers did. I was interested after researching that many used the combination of 3 different ground meats; beef, pork and veal. I LOVE this combination and will go our of my way to get all 3 meats.



As we have passed through the dog days of summer, (named after the dog star Sirius) a great dessert to make is called Kalter Hund which means "cold dog".

The layered chocolate and butter biscuit cake is made in a rectangular box pan like a loaf pan and resembles a the popular coal mining dogs which looked like black Box Terrier or Schnauzer. This is according to Dagmar Barnekow who lives in the Rhineland up in Westphalia.

The cake is a favorite of many and uses coconut oil which now has been discovered to be good for you!

Gefüllte Paprikaschoten
(Stuffed Bell Peppers)



Filling a pepper is something many of us ate in the mid 20th century watching Lassie, Leave it to Beaver. Gunsmoke or the Ed Sullivan show.




I don't know exactly when Germany started doing stuffed bell peppers. Maybe they did them before the Americas, except I don't usually see a lot of rice used in German cooking. Maybe they ate them as well and then watched the Rudi Carell Show.

In doing a lot of research for German stuffed pepper recipes many called it Deutche retro-essen, or retro food.

More on the History of Bell Peppers in our world

My friend Oliver Mühling said that he doesn't usually like peppers but he
loves the peppers stuffed with meat and rice that his mother makes when he
grew up in Sinsheim in Baden Wurttemberg. Now Oli would have to use a
meatless filling as he like many Germans have gone Vegan. As another friend Bridgitt
from Bavaria said to me the other day, "My husband and I are now Wegans".
Anyway when I make this now with a German touch I use the 3 meat blend
of beef, veal and pork that I see in lots of German recipes.

Come into my kitchen and let's make Gefüllte Paprikashoten
with step by step pictures.

For a lower carb version made with ground turkey and cauliflower rice
try this recipe


Kalter Hund

This cool no-bake dessert is very popular in Germany and some folks
like to have it for a birthday cake, that is made in a long loaf pan.
Perfect for the hot summer.

The name of this cake is interesting.
Kalter = Cold and Hund = Dog
Cold is not so difficult to figure out but
what does a dog have to do with this?

Dagmar Barnekow that lives in Rhine/Westphalian region of Germany
solved the mystery.
The dog has to do with it looking like a coal mining dog
that was often a Terrier or Schnauzer that has a box like appearence,
like the dark cold cake.

a load of coal with the mining dog.

In Germany Palmin, which is coconut oil is the choice for almost
all recipes for Kalter Hund. In the states you can now find
coconut oil because it is good for you now!

Come into my kitchen and let's make Kalter Hund with
step by step pictures

a real Kalter Hund ...!


A great addition to this project. The story of my heritage that is so
important to preserve and so should you. This may bring back good
memories and inspire you to write your own memories which is important
to your kids and family. SOMEDAY they will be interested.

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