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Some Sauerbraten

There are so Many!

Here are some of the most interesting that I found.

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First the most Popular.... Rheinischer Sauerbraten

As we saw in the history of Sauerbraten Rhineland is really where the best known Sauerbraten is and it has such
a long history there. I wonder if Nachos, Cheese burgers, Buffalo Wings will survive 8 centuries and still be as popular as Sauerbraten.

The Rheinischer Sauerbraten is characterized by a nice sweet and sour gravy but that can be achieved in different ways. There are those that balance the tartness of the vinegar, lemon or wine with Lebkuchen, sweet beet syrup, or ginger snaps.


I made one the other day and here is the recipe with pictures
Come and let's make Rhienischer Sauerbraten


The Rhineischer Sauerbraten is often served with Knödels ( dumplings)
The two most favorite are




or Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage is a traditional side dish.


Rotkohl is easy to make and liked by many that don't like other styles of cabbage.

Let's make Sweet and Sour Cabbage or


This Rheinischer Sauerbraten tops their gravy with sliced toasted almonds and serves it with
Apfelkompott ( chunky applesauce) topped with Preislebeere Ligonberries jam.

Here is a recipe for Rheinischer Sauerbraten
that uses apples to sweeten the gravy.



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German Potato Salad




Gefullte Nudeln


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My Grandma Emma's Sauerbraten

My grandma (Oma) was from Steinsfurt, in the Baden-Wurtemberg area of Germany
and it is very close to the same recipe except that we serve


with it.
Spaetzles (baby dumplings) were a specialty of the area she grew up.

Come into my Kitchen and let's make some Spaetzle


Here is my grandma's Sauerbraten recipe.


There are some recipes that finish their Sauerbraten gravy with cream or sour cream.

Here is a Fränkischer Sauerbraten recipe
This is the Northern Bavaria part of Germany.



We had discussed in the History of Sauerbaten that some recipes use buttermilk
as a marinade instead of wine.
Sauerbraten Norddeutch Art


Just for those that are curious here is a recipe for
a REAL traditional Sauerbraten that uses Horse Meat
Here is the recipe


Here are More Sauerbraten Recipes

Luft aus Dusseldorf
Origionall Rheinisch Sauerbraten Recipe

Saxony Style Sauerbraten

Rheinisch Sauerbraten Essen und Trinken

Silesia Sauerbraten

Dresdner Sauerbraten

The Dishes of Thuringia

Frankische Sauerbraten

Susi's Kochen Frankische Sauerbraten

Frankische Sauerbraten2

Swabischer Sauerbraten

Badischer Sauerbraten

Thurgau Sauerbraten

Achen Sauerbraten

Westphalian Sour Roasted Horse


Aachen Printen




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