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Jäger Eintopf, Hot German Potato Salad and Twists, and Apple Krummeltorte

Our German Cookbook

Jäger Eintopf
German Style Shepherds Pie
Lightening it up on the carbs with Cauliflower

Heisser Kartoffelsalat
(hot German potato salad)
A better way to cook potatoes for this.
Hot Cauliflower Salad also?

Apfel Krummeltorte and other crumb desserts using Streusel

Earlier this month we wrote about Eintopf dishes or one pot meals. I was looking for a dish to do with some nice beef round steak that was on sale I searched and found Jäger Eintopf that had mushrooms, beef and potatoes. That sounded very hopeful.

Previously scared away by the price I passed over the leeks and celery root that are part of the Suppengrün vegetables but now that I have fallen in love with them I usually have them on hand. So I thought I would add this to the dish, I hope you like it.

The right way to cook a potato has intrigued me as sometimes it is just ok and sometimes it is memorable and addicting. I always thought for the Hot German Potato salad (Heisser Kartoffelsalat) Reading a Cook's Illustrated, Test KitchenI found a new way. Let me know what you think.


On our Facebook page we discussed a very simple coffee cake that had many variations. No fruit or custard topping just a Streusel. Some of the doughs have yeast and some baking powder. I have a real affection for Streusal and crumbs and put it on just about every dessert or muffin that I make. You can vary it quite a bit.


Jäger Eintopf

German Style Shepherd's Pie

This is not really an Eintopf dish but it could be. You can modify this for just about
any diet. Lean chicken can be substituted for beef and cauliflower for the some or
all of the potatoes.

Leeks, carrots celery and celery root and sometimes parsley make up the Suppengrün

This dish uses what some folks refer to as"Humble Beginnings" The French use Mirepoix, Italians Soffrito, Cajuns use the Trinity and Germans use "Suppengrün (soup greens). These mixes and cooked often down to a mush and pureed to add a base flavor to whatever it is your cooking. I prefer the German Suppengrün because the leek and celery root is so much richer than the French or Italian version that uses celery and onion. Read more about these here

One reason this is called Jäger Eintopf is the Jäger (a hunter) usually implies
the dish has mushrooms in it, such as Jägershnitzel. I suppose that Hunters
would find mushrooms in the forest to throw in the pan with their other bounty.

Come into my kitchen and let's make
Jäger Eintopf

with Step by Step Pictures


Cookbook and Eintopf Issue Special

Our Goulash spice blend features 3 different paprikas, (Hungarian Sweet, Smoked Paprika,
just a tiny amount of Medium Spicy Hungarian Paprika) toasted Caraway and Cumin seeds, Bay Leaves.
Great German flavor for stews and soups comes from the right spice.

This Eintopf Special Includes:

A recipe book and short biography of my Grandmother Emma Block. Her recipes, culture and cooking styles that were brought over from Germany. How they evolved when she came to America in the early 1900s and settled in Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the United States. Over 100 recipes

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Goulash Ebook
10 Goulash recipes


1.5 oz package (1/3 cup)
of Goulash Spice Mix
enough to make most of the recipes.

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Hot German Potato Salad
(Heisser Kartoffelsalat)

A different way to cook the potatoes ....

Nothing earth shattering just wanted to share a way that I found to make this
German favorite.

While we are on the subject of Cauliflower I substituted roasted cauliflower for potatoes
and it worked wonderfully well!

Roy Denman made this German Potato Salad with roasted potatoes.


Karin Elliot
is a chef and wonderful friend giving me encouragement through the years here and donatedher recipes for our newsletter.
She also does wonderful volunteer work like providing meals for school children in need in Tuscon, Arizona.

Many German-Americans and German immigrants are interested in Native American items from books and movies to jewelry and arts and craft supplies. Karin will take care of you personally with her online store Native Rainbows


Come into my kitchen and let's make
Hot German Potato Salad


Crumb Cakes Tortes and Streusel

I had a request for a Krumb Cake that her German grandmother use to make that used the same pastry for the base as she did for the topping. I shared the request on our Facebook page and got many suggestions.

To the right David Beale in Australia sent me this picture of an Apple Krummeltorte that has added apples to this simple yet wonderful recipe. The dough for the torte also is the Streusal topping on the cake.

Here is the recipe for Apple Krummeltorte

Here are a few more recipes with a twist on the Streusel by adding almonds

Almond Streusal Kuchen

Streusal comes from the German word
streuen meaning ...scatter.. obviously you would scatter this Mixture of butter, flour or crumbs and sugar over the top of what you are making.


Streusal works great on muffins. Be sure and press it into the batter a bit so it isn't pushed off when you bake it.

You can get creative and add raw oat flakes to it or anything else your imagination can come up with.




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