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German Music

by Angela Wiedl
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Welcome to the Jan 13, 2016 Newsletter...Some


(German Comfort Food)


Our German Cookbook

Making Home Made Noodles
(Handgemachte Nudeln)

Schinken Nudeln Auflauf
(ham and noodle casserole)


Ham, noodle and Cheese Casserole

Making Spaetzle by scraping the dough off of a board
( Handgeschabt Spätzle)

Cheese Spaetzle


Hazelnut Macaroons
(Hasselnüss Markonen)

Winter is the time when we think of noodeley dishes that not only warm the body and soul but make the house smell rich and cozy when we don't want to go outside all day.

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If you have never tried making your own noodles they really are not Artisan Bread sience and very rewarding. Serious they are really cool. Even the Grandkids can help!

They are also fresher and have a higher protein content than the store bought versions.
If you have a nice salad with fresh vegetables you shouldn't feel guilty about the fat and carbs. There are even ways to lower the fat and carbs in these dishes without loosing a lot of flavor and texture. An all around cookie that I feel has a German tradition to it is the Hazelnut Macaroon. The Macaroon arguably was invented in Nancy, France which at times was part of the Fatherland before the borders were changed. This cookie very close to the famous Nurnberger Lebkuchen.


Making your own Noodles

(Handgemacht Nudeln)

If you have never made your own noodles before it really isn't that hard or time consuming.

A real way to connect with your past. Imagine wanting to cook something special for the family or even just
something a bit different when back in those days you had so little to do with.

The result is wonderful also. The noodles instead of being slick thin perfect strips of sheet dough with a mono texture
these are individual nodules a bit knobby, a different textures and bit more chewy with the fissures in the dough picking
up extra flavor pockets.

Go here to make Homemade Noodles


Add them to your favorite recipe for chicken soup


For a thicker noodle for casseroles,
Handgemacht Noodles

This works great for this recipe for a casserole (Auflauf) ....


layered casserole of noodles and
finely chopped ham filling

Go here to make Schinkenfleckern


also another casserole (Auflauf) .........


Ham and Noodles with an au gratin topping

Go here to make Schinkennudeln


Handgeschabt Spaetzle
Hand Scrapped spaetzle off of a board with a knife
into the boiling water

Here is a video of a pro making them.  

A great dish to make with them is...

(Cheese Spaetzle Casserole)

Go here to make Kaesespatzle


Hazelnut Macaroons
(Haselnüss Makronen)

A v ery simple recipe of egg whites, sugar and nuts. These cookies are often in folks Christmas cookie repitore, but are great all year around. Nancy a city in France near the German border is very likely where the real Macaroon originated. If you look at the recipe for the famous Nurnberger Lebkuchen or Elisenlebkuchen it is very similar in style to the one in Nancy.

This cookie is more mounded and has a meringue top and nut. Hazelnuts grow well in parts of Germany so it makes sense that they would make a Hazelnut (Haselnüss) style macaroon.

Go here for the recipes with step by step pictures
for making Hazelnut Macaroons (Haselnüss Makronen)

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Great German flavor for stews and soups comes from the right spice.

This Eintopf Special Incudes:

A recipe book and short biography of my Grandmother Emma Block. Her recipes, culture and cooking styles that were brought over from Germany. How they evolved when she came to America in the early 1900s and settled in Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the United States. Over 100 recipes

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Karin Elliot born and raised in Germany
is a chef and wonderful friend giving me encouragement through the years here and donated her recipes for our newsletter. She also does wonderful volunteer work like providing meals for school children in need in Tuscon, Arizona.

Many German-Americans and German immigrants are interested in Native American items from books and movies to jewelry and arts and craft supplies. Karin will take care of you personally with her online store Native Rainbows





German Music



Das Lied der Heimat

Angela Wiedl




 Heimat is a unique German word that means something like your kinship to your homeland in this song, which is of course Germany.


by Angela and Willi Wiedl

I don't know if Willi is Angela's husband or not ?



(The Motorway)

This is not German but Slovakian.
Na Avtocesti means
The highway or motorway
Sure is a fun song though.


More German Music



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