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Springing up Spring,

Dandelions are
Great Healthy Greens
Not Weeds

Even Better with Bone Broth




Our German Cookbook

Dandelion Salad

German Potato Salad with Dandelion

Simple Dandelion Green and Kale Stew
with Bone Broth

How to Make Bone Broth

Dandelion Syrup
(Lowenzahn sirup)

Double Bone Broth, Consommé

Spring Tonic
Dandelion Greens with Sweet and Sour Dressing

One of the signs of Spring ages ago in Germany were dandelions (Löwenzahn) pushing their way up through the soil. Since folks had no supermarket to go to they spent the winter eating pickled or jarred vegetables, and maybe some root vegetables that were in the cellar. Sauerkraut is wonderful but you get a hankering for anything fresh after being cooped up for months in the dark.

Greens like dandelions and kale to me are very impressive and represent our German constitution. We are tough and have survived cold winters and other tough conditions. The fact that dandelions are called a weeds mean that you can try to kill it but it keeps coming back like "The Terminator" just a bit of root is all it needs to recreate itself. This means it is packed with powerful nutrients to survive harsh conditions and heal itself and keep growing.
Kale and types of cabbage can survive even in the snow.

Leave it to the Germans to learn how to make dandelion greens delicious! Though there is a slight bitterness like Radichio, kale and other artisan greens that are so popular now you can add other flavors that round out that sharpness and you have a dish with a splendid dimension of tastes.

They also made syrup and wine from the flowers, and even a coffee like beverage from the roots. There are even festivals to celebrate this "Welcome Weed". We don't have many here where I live so I had to buy them at the Farmers Market. Who would have thought I would pay 4 bucks for a small bunch dandelion leaves! I want to show you how to make a few salads with them. Burr Fischer also shares his Spring Tonic meal that was traditional in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Also dandelion greens along with other greens if you like make a great stew or side dish, that is nutritious and even more so when Bone Broth is added. this enriched stock is now sold in many health food venues because of the minerals and other healing compounds that are extracted from the bones when making it.

Breitenbach Dandelion Festival

Go here for more details


Dandelion Green Salad
with Vinaigrette and chopped egg
(Löwenzahnsalat mit Eier Salatsosse)

The dandelion greens are strong in flavor and that is GOOD
but needs to be balanced with some sweet and tart dressing
to round out the flavor.


Another option is to blend the greens with.....

Hot German Potato Salad

Dandelion Salat with Hot Bacon


Karin Elliot born and raised in Germany
is a chef and wonderful friend giving me encouragement through the years here and donated her recipes for our newsletter. She also does wonderful volunteer work like providing meals for school children in need in Tuscon, Arizona.

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Spring Tonic

Spring has been a great time to celebrate for our ancestors in Germany. Imagine yourself back a few hundred years
before there was supermarkets, fridges or freezers and good medicine. Just making it through the winter was something
to celebrate but also the coming of some fresh grown vegetables. I think you would want to celebrate as well.
This dish is called Spring Tonic because the greens were known to be great for detoxifying the liver and cleansing other organs.
A celebratory meal of the greens along with some ham, and potatoes became popular and still is to this day in areas.

Burr Fischer's dandelion greens are topped with a hot bacon dressing.

Here is Burr Fischer's "Spring Tonic" Meal
Fresh dandelion greens on top of a smashed potato
and topped with hot bacon dressing with hard boiled eggs.
Go here for the Recipe





Dandelion Greens and Kale Stew
with Bone Broth

A good way to enjoy dandelion greens or other greens is to make a stew. This breaks down the
toughness of the greens and we see it in most every culture. The stew can be used for any meal
and as a side dish for about anything you think. Whether you serve them for breakfast lunch or dinner
and as a main or side it really qualifies as a comfort food.

The Stew is enhanced even better with......

Bone Broth
Bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system and contains
healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline.
The collagen in bone broth heals your gut lining and reduces intestinal inflammation.

Go here to for the recipe for

Bone Broth


or beef up your bone broth by making
a Consommé or you could say a
Double Bone Broth

basically this is a bone broth that you make a mix of minced beef (hamburger) egg whites
and spices and slow simmer it. the mixture floats to the top and congeals making what is
called a "raft". You then skim this off and strain it and you not only have this wonderful
enriched broth but it will be crystal clear as well.

Go here to make Consommé


Dandelion Syrup
(Löwenzahn Sirup)

This is a recipe from "The Gartners" blog, and is in German. You may want to translate this.
Go to Google Translate then copy and paste the URL
http://gaertnerblog.de/blog/2007/loewenzahnsirup/ into the box and it will translate it for you.


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German Music


Margret Almer - Jodelliebe


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Margret Almer - Kuckucks-Jodler (HQ)

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Angela Wiedl
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Angela Wiedl - Sonntag (1993)


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Wiesn Hit 2010 "Kühe machen Mühe" (Powerziach)


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