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German Music

Rockaholixs Buam

More Oktoberfest Goodies

part 2
The Bavaria Statue
that overlooks the Oktoberfest


The Teufselrad!


Our German Cookbook

The Bavaria Statue that overlooks the Oktoberfest

Schweinshaxe with Kartoffelknödel

The Teufelsrad

(Devil's Wheel Ride)

Some interesting little Oktoberfest History
The lady that overlooks the Oktoberfest

In the United States we have our Lady liberty statue, and in Bavaria they have their statue called "The Bavaria" and it is also a lady.


The Lady is a statue that was commissioned by King Ludwig the 1st, that married Theresa at the first Oktoberfest.
This 60 foot tall Bronze statue has a stairway to the top where you can look out the helmet over the Oktoberfest grounds also has the Ruhmshalle the Bavaria hall of fame with busts of famous people in the history of Bavaria behind the structure.

The statue of a Greek Amazon woman represents the strength of Bavaria like the Colossus of Rhodes.
Why Greek?
King Ludwig (Louie) was a Greek history enthusiast and even his son Otto became the king of Greece.
So in this Greek tradition a huge bronze statue of an Amazon lady with her lion was chosen. The Germanic symbols are the lady in a long dress wrapped with a bearskin with an oak wreath on her head and one in her hand showing that she is awarding this to the famous Bavarian heroes in that are behind her in the hall of fame. Oak is probably Bavaria's most popular tree.
Read more about the Bavaria statue here.

This is a painting of the 1850 Oktoberfest when the statue was erected over the Oktoberfest grounds.

Beer Tents

When you think of going to the Oktoberfest next year you will need to make reservations at a Beer Tent
or Festvelt

Map of the different Beer Tents

The different tents all have different themes and food specialties, though there are many common items.

The Schottenhammel is the oldest tent and the largest holding up to 10,000 people

The Hacker fest hall has a beautiful paited ceiling.

The Muchner Knodelie features dumplings as seen on the top of the roof.

Here is a picture of the beautiful inside of the Hacker Festzelt tent.

Inside the Schottenhammel Tent

Here is a sky view of all the tents



While there are many unique specialties to each tent there are some classics.

Schweinshaxe with Kartoffelknödel
(Large Pork haxe with Potato dumplings)

Such a spectacular meal let's look at a
a gallery of pics


Often served with a knife stuck in it.

This one has the skin scored to help it become crispier.


Bet she can't eat it all in one setting.



The key to this is to make the skin crispy and the meat inside melt in your mouth.


First where do we find the Schweinshaxe.

You need to find a pork cut that has the skin on it and the knuckle.
This is not just a ham hock.
This needs to be uncured and raw.

If you don't see the haxe then talk to your Butcher about it.
There are several places that you can go online to buy them.
One place you can go is The German Deli located in Texas but they
ship orders online. I have bought Schweinshaxe several times and they
are packed with dry ice.

Let's Make Schweinshaxe with step by step pictures.


Go here to make Kartoffelknoedl




Some more fascinating things you find at the Munich Oktoberfest

The Teufelsrad

(Toy-fels- rad....means The Devils Wheel)

This ride at the Munich Oktoberfest is sort of like a merry go round but more designed to test how long you can stay on
without sliding out to and hit a padded wall.

Read more here

you can also challenge someone to a boxing match


It has been around for a long time at the Oktoberfest


Here is a video of the Teufelsrad showing them all throw
off eventually.



Karin Elliot born and raised in Germany
is a chef and wonderful friend giving me encouragement through the years here and donated her recipes for our newsletter. She also does wonderful volunteer work like providing meals for school children in need in Tuscon, Arizona.

Many German-Americans and German immigrants are interested in Native American items from books and movies to jewelry and arts and craft supplies. Karin will take care of you personally with her online store Native Rainbows




Cookbook Special


A recipe book and short biography of my Grandmother Emma Block. Her recipes, culture and cooking styles that were brought over from Germany. How they evolved when she came to America in the early 1900s and settled in Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the United States. Over 100 recipes

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Goulash Ebook
10 Goulash recipes


1.5 oz package (1/3 cup)
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German Music


Bei uns in Bayern -
(With us in Bavaria)
Rockaholixs Buam (Wiesn Hit)



Logo, Logo

Wiesn Hit der Rockaholixs Buam


in translating the lyrics it is basically just talking about going to the Oktoberfest and having fun doing the basics.

Logo Logo, is the shortened word for Logisch= logical.
Peter Menyhart my friend from Bavaria said this is like saying
"You bet"
So when they say "Were going to drink some beer...
Logo logo ....You bet ,



(mit Untertiteln für alle Nicht-Bayern)
Rockaholixs Buam


Basically a song saying I am a bit of a wild boy,
and a handful to my mother.


Tage wie diese
(Days like This)

(on a raft)

Rockaholixs Buam










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