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July 9, 2009

Discover German-American heritage, recipes and culture .
Stephen Block



Doing Brats on the 4th of July?
Simple tips on how to do a 2 step cooking them first in beer. Also some suggestions for a red white and blue kuchen.

(Cheese Spaetzle)
Cheese noodles , sort of like a German Macaroni and Cheese

German from Russia, a worn out North Dakota Recipe

Sausage salad or with Germany's special lunch meat Leberkäse

This very special German style meatloaf can be tricky.
Here is a recipe from one that knows the ropes

Go Here for the Recipes

Kitchen Tool Review
Wooden Spoons

Recipe Requests

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Guten Tag,
Here are a few recipes to add a German-American touch to your 4th of July celebration and some recipes donated by some of our readers.

Happy Canada Day today!

Also want to share the holiday spirit with our readers in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and South America all that have German heritage.
We are everywhere!

I love hearing from you and about your country!


A German American Hero
Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
Celebrate him on July 4th !

Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben
(November 15, 1730 – November 28, 1794)

From Wikipedia
A Prussian army officer who served as inspector general and Major general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He is credited with teaching the Continental Army the essentials of military drill and discipline, helping to guide it to victory. He wrote the Revolutionary War Drill Manual, the book that became the standard United States drill manual until the War of 1812, and served as General George Washington's chief of staff in the final years of the war.


Doing Brats for the 4th of July?

Doin Bratwurst on the BBQ


Independence Berry Kuchen


Here is a simple twist to add a German American touch to your Independence Day Menu.

Use a baking powder kuchen recipe, (similar to shortcake) and add some strawberries or raspberries and blueberries or blackberries, and whipped cream ( Schlagsahne).

Get creative and have fun with your presentation.





(Cheese Spaetzle)


Kristi Davis in Indiana asked me for a recipe for Cheese Spätzle. To me Spätzle is a great vehicle for any casserole.

It is thought that the name Spätzle by some word experts comes from the root word spät which means"late". These noodles are done at the last minute and don't take long. I want to do more recipes like this in the future because you can be very creative much like macaroni and cheese, and add ham, mushrooms, ground beef, and have a nice one pot meal. I can make these from scratch in about 15 minutes. I have had lots of practice, but the point is they are a lot easier to make than many would think.

Go Here to get the recipe for


Here is a nice video on making Käsespätzle
They have used different cheeses. I found this variation in several recipes. In this recipe they used a combination of Gouda, Emmanthaller, and bits of Brie Cheese.



Here is my Grandmothers recipe for
Spätzle with Step by step pictures

Spätzle tools

Sliding Spätzle Maker

Spätzle Press

Here are some Spätzle tools If you don't have one you can make your own by drilling a hole in an Aluminum pan like we did here, use a colander, or just pinch the dough with your fingers or 2 spoons. In a pinch a foil pie pan works well and punch some holes in it.

Ready Made Spätzle

I order from the German Deli more frequently than ever.
I try to get in bulk to make the shipping dollars count.
Also there are sales all the time I like to take advantage of.
They are nice folks. If you don't believe me call them.
and tell them Stephen Block sent you from the German Goodies Newsletter

3 Glocken PUR Spätzle

Imported from Germany! 3 bells Spätzle pure delight - the modern noodle for the light kitchen - from pure semolina and fresh spring water. Therefore these noodles are also perfect for vegans. The Noodle of today: Perfect for all, who want to enjoy without any worries and nourish themselves consciously.
NET WT. 17.85oz (500g)

Check out
3 Glocken PUR Spätzle
from the German Deli


Maggi Spaetzle in Box

This is a product I use frequently and so does contributor Christa Back who was raised in Germany.
They are almost as good as making them yourself.

Imported from Germany!
Tiny Swiss-style dumplings. Serve with any rich sauce or gravy, or simply toss with butter as a side dish with most traditional German meals. Just add the contents of this box to boiling salted water and cook for 20-25 minutes. Easy to make and delicious!
Makes 6 (1/2 cup) servings. NET WT. 10.5 OZ. (298g)

Check out

Maggi Spaetzle in Box
from the German Deli

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If you don't have a German keyboard for your computer you
can still make those nice German Umlaut letters and the Eszett or double s letter ß

Einzi sent me this keypad stroke combinations to make the umlauts and ß.
Just hold down the ALT key and then go to your number pad on the right usually and type in the number as you hold down the alt key at the same time. After awhile you get pretty fast at it.

Alt +129=ü

Alt +154=Ü

Alt +148=ö

Alt + 153=Ö

Alt + 132=ä

Alt + 142=Ä

Alt + 225=ß



Fleischkuechle is a Germans from Russia meat pie that is popular around the Dakotas. It is so popular in some places that you can go to a local Dairy Queen and get it, I hear it even outsells hamburgers. Arlys Jakobs, a native of North Dakota has taken on the job of making these for the family.
She tried several recipes and this is the one that she likes best

Go Here to get the recipe for


Our Family

from a
German Grandma

Browse Through Our Book Here

Comes with 28 Bonus Step by Step Recipes with color pictures.

See the Whole List Here of Recipes Here



Below are a few of the Step by Step Recipes Featured



Pan fried Chicken Schnitzel


Apfel Strudel

Old Fashioned Home Made Noodles

German Potato Salad




Gefulte Nudeln


See the Whole List!



(German Meat Salad)

I was always intrigued by this recipe, I have seen a lot of salads that have similar flavor.
This has a unique flavor and it is REALLY GERMAN tasting. pickles, smoked wurst, or Leberkäse, Cheese, dill pickles and onions ..ummm all the things I love.

Corliss Cogan writes ....Working in a small gasthaus in Berlin we had a Fleischsalat on the menu that was prepared daily.

It was, as are almost all fleish salats, prepared with Fleish Kaese, ( Meat Cheese ), which is actually a type of large sausage baked in a loaf form.Kind of like a cured meat loaf. There were two forms: 1) fein,(fine) which, as the name suggests, was smooth, and the meat was ground very fine and paste- like. and 2) Grob, which means, rough. This was ground through a larger holed grinder and was quite coarse.


Go Here to get the recipe for


If you would like to make your own Leberkäse
for your Fleischsalat.....

Here is a recipe from Ronald Paddok, a reader.

He adjusted this recipe from Michael and said this came out very well.


This is for a 10 lbs of meat recipe

10 pounds of meat
6-Tbl salt
1-Tbl sugar or dextrose
1/2- Tbl cure ( pink curing salt)
1-Tbl ground marjorum
1 Tbl ground mustard
2 Tbl ground nutmeg
2 Tbl ground white pepper
1 tsp ground celery

1 onion ground up in grinder with the meat. Bake 200 degrees in greased loaf pans until internal temp is 152 degrees. I prepare the meat the same way you do in a chopper, with ice. The rest is just diferent spices. Hope you like it. Ron Paddock.

PS if you have questions let me know.







Recipe Requests

I really appreciate all of you that donate recipes, and help answer
folks requests. Most of the newsletter is based on what folks request and
what you donate. I love to research the recipe and then put it on here
for all to enjoy.

When you email the recipe to those that request please send the recipe to
me also at


Recipe Request......

Hi, Stephen

I spent several years in Germany and I could never get enough of the food. Their is one item that I would like to have is pom fritz. Can you please tell me how to get that original flavor short of going back to Germany . What kind of potato is it and so on.


Patrick Davis



I would like to find a dish I had eaten years ago when I visited Germany . We were in Trier and ate at cafe with outside dining on the center city square. I do not know the name of the dish but it was prepared in individual meat pies with a pastry top and contained mushrooms with either chicken or pork in a white sauce. I realize you probably need more information to identify the dish but thought you might have a clue. If you do have an idea I would love to have the recipe. Thanks,

Don Wiseman



Stephen, good morning. Thank you for your reply. I made the Farmers Rustic
Bread last night and it was wonderful! It was a bit on the sweet side and
what I am looking for is the heavy rustic German bread that I somehow
remember from my 2 year stay in Germany. I know I was little, 6 years old
(my Father was military), but there are bits and pieces I remember about
Germany. On the food side, I remember the bread, fresh butter, rhubarb
dipped in sugar, fresh cow's milk, and that I didn't like the candy that had
brandy in it!!! I'll keep looking on the website, but if you have any
direction for me on the bread, that would be great. It's not a sweet bread,
just every day bread, but it had such a good flavor and was a heavy bread.
Good stuff!!

Elaine Bryan



Hi Stephen

Plse could you send me a recipe for Rum Cake??


PS I really enjoy your e mails




Ate at a wonderful German Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (The Ambry) and one of their specials was a Cream of Horseradish Soup. I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find a recipe on the Internet.

Have you heard of such soup and know a recipe?

Thank you,

Arthur Myers









Kitchen Tool Review

The Wooden Spoon

One of my favorite and most used kitchen tools.
I love the feel and sturdiness of a wooden spoon. I can use it in any
non-stick pan, The flat bottom is nice so you can scrape the bottom
to loosen food as it is cooking.
I don't mind paying for a good wooden spoon. I paid 12 dollars for mine
It seems like a lot for a spoon but I use it every day and I love it!




Mario Batali 13-Inch Flat End Spoon, Solid Beechwood






German Music Selection

Lale Andersen - Lili Marleen 1968 


LynnMarie - Happy Wanderer Polka 4 time Grammy Nominee


Lolita - Auf der Heide blüh'n die letzten Rosen


Palemiger Spatzen - Harmonikatijd




More German Music


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