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Nov. 19, 2011

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Stephen Block
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Guten Tag!

While you read the newsletter here is a nice fall video songs of Roland Kaiser

Before getting into Holiday Baking let's make some Strudel !

When Fall comes around I want to make some apple desserts.

I love having a big bunch of apples in the garage to make it smell



Apfel Strudel

Strudel is a dish that was prefected by the Viennese,
where apples were abundant.
The word strudel is one of the German words for something
like a whirlpool. a center view of a slice looks a bit like one.


Heike Kreuger an accomplished German baker that lives in
Schiltach, in Baden- Württemberg made this a few weeks ago in her
online German Baking club.

I like to post her recipe because she is such an expert.

Here is Heike's here recipe for Apfelstrudel


Grandma Emma's Apfelstrudel

In Grandma Block's part of Germany, Strudel was not usually made-at least, not in her family. She learned about it from her German friends after she came to America. The group of German and Austrian families would get together and have Strudel-Fests at one of the big halls where there were cooking facilities-large work-tables and ovens. There, the women would have a grand time working together, and the families would enjoy the singing and dancing as well as the Strudel.

Though Grandma never made Strudel by herself, one of her German friends would come over to the Block's house and help her make it-they would chop apples together, stretch the dough together, and roll it up and bake it together. It was much more fun with a friend, anyway! After it was done, they would each have a slice of the Strudel, with a cup of coffee, and consider the whole project time well spent.

The interesting thing about this recipe is that you put a wooden
board down on the counter and THROW the ball of dough on it 120 times.
This develops gluten in the dough.

Go here to make Apfelstrudel
with step by step pictures

Stretching the dough can be tricky, just takes some practice.

I keep it on the table but this Austrian chef is doing well.

Here is a simple version of


This dish is simple you can even use apple pie filling, and add lemon zest to it.

You can pick this box of Phyllo (fillo) dough up an most any major supermarket.

This is a lower fat version of this awesome dessert, so I will make this
For my wife and I.

Go here for the recipe for Apfelstrudel with Phyllo dough

Phyllo or fillo which is a Greek word for leaf has an interesting history.
As pastry developed in Europe, the goal was always to make it thinner and thinner.
You don't get much thinner than this.





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This dessert is similar in form of a strudel but is made with a
potato dough



Waltraud Jedamski whose mother from Germany use to make Apfel-Maultaschen
from a potato infused dough, it was rolled up and baked with milk that has been sweetened with sugar and vanilla.


So this not only has the goodness of

Come into my kitchen and let's make

Apfel Maultaschen

With Step by Step Pictures


German Music



Roland Kaiser - Alles was Du willst

Popular German singer Roland Kaiser was born in the city of Berlin in 1952.
A legendary entertainer, Kaiser has released numerous albums and singles, most notably "Santa Maria," Dich Zu Lieben, and "Sieben Fässer Wein." ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide more


Refrain: "Und alles was du willst,
werd’ ich für dich sein
bin dein Stern am Himmel
den du greifst
Denn alles was du fühlst,
fühlst du nicht allein,
oh nein..."

"And everything you want,
will I be for you,
'll be a star in the sky,
that you touch,
'cause everything you feel,
you don't feel alone,
oh no...

More Music from Roland Kaiser


More German Music


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