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December 4, 2009

Discover German-American heritage, recipes and culture .
Stephen Block



Beer Braised Beef
with Potato Dumplings
The first of many dumpling recipes to come

a small tiny doughnut like pastry that is super easy to make and tasty!

St Martin's Day
Martinstag, Nov. 11th a special celebration, with paper lanterns and roast goose for dinner!

Keeping German Christmas Cookies soft
Einzi's tips for these traditional Christmas cookies that can easily turn into rocks.

German Sour Cream Potatoes
a nice side dish that combines the flavors of Hot German potato salad with sour cream.

German Style Fried Cabbage
From the North Carolina Foothills

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Guten Tag,

I am your host
Stephen Block

Hello, I hope your fall is going well. It is time to do some good comfort food in the kitchen.
One thing that comes to mind is braised stew like Dutch oven meals and dumplings.

I did a take off on Sylvia Norris' German Roast in Beer Gravy and did a stew with root vegetables and potato dumplings.

Eugene Brackle and I worked on a recipe that his mother use to make called Mutzen. I found these donut puffs easy and fun to make and very tasty!

I want to really explore lots of dumpling recipes this winter. Also it's time to start holiday baking. If you have in the past had trouble with cookies going hard, Einzi has some tips in this newsletter.

Kim Krett sent me a nice link for St. Martin's Day that will be celebrated this week in Germany, She plans to have lots of fun with her girl scout troup in Stuttgart. Time to get the goose ready for cooking!

Sylvia sent a great recipe for German Sour cream potatoes and Louis McGee sent a homey story and great technique his mother used to make hearty fried cabbage like a meal for the family of lumberjacks.

Gert Reitner sent some GREAT German music selections!

Well we are moving this week to a place where I will be able to cook more! But I am going to keep this short as I have to pack......Keep in touch!

Quick Links to Recipes

Beer Braised Beef

with Potato Dumplings
Mutzen St Martin's Day Keeping German Christmas Cookies soft German Style Fried Cabbage German Sour Cream Potatoes

Beer Braised Beef with Potato Dumplings

This is a great German style stew that uses beer as a seasoning instead of wine. Also adding chopped bacon gives it a wonderful German dimension.
The dumplings are basic potato dumplings that are pretty much just "potato" with just a bit of egg and flour.
This is a very "solid" dumpling, the way my grandmother use to make them, but you can choose any style dumpling that you want for this stew.
Here are some other dumpling recipes


Go into my kitchen and let's cook;


Beer Braised Beef

Notebook size Step by Step recipe with pictures
for Beer Braised Beef

(this may take a minutes to load)

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larger close up pictures of Beer Braised Beef

(this may take a minutes to load)

Go here to make

Potato Dumplings
for the Beer Braised Beef

Notebook size Step by Step recipe with pictures
Potato Dumplings

(this may take a minutes to load)

Go here for
larger close up pictures of the recipe
for Potato Dumplings

(this may take a minutes to load)




Our Family

from a
German Grandma

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Old Fashioned Home Made Noodles

Apfel Strudel





Also known as Muzen

This is a fun little doughnut like pastry that is served often at the Mardi Gras time or New Years in certain parts of Germany. Depending on where you are in Germany you add different ingredients to the batter. I worked with Eugene Brackle with this recipe as he remembers his mother making them and being so good.

Come into my kitchen and let's make

Notebook size Step by Step recipe with pictures
for Mutzen

(this may take a minutes to load)

Go here for
larger close up pictures of Mutzen

(this may take a minutes to load)


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St. Martins Day

Nov. 11

Martinstag or St. Martin's Day

I woke up yesterday morning and found this nice link that Kim Krett sent about St. Martin's Day that she will celebrate next week in Stuttgart. It is traditional to serve Roast Goose on that day with Rotkohl ( sweet and sour red cabbage) and potato dumplings.

is named after St. Martin of Tours, a Roman soldier who became a monk after being baptized as an adult. He eventually obtained sainthood from the Catholic Church for being a kind man, who cut his cloak in half to share with a beggar during a snowstorm.

So far so good, but what about the lanterns?

Ah yes, in many parts of Germany it is traditional to hold a procession of paper lanterns in remembrance of St. Martin well, children do, that is. They make their own little lanterns in school or kindergarten and then gather on city streets to sing songs about good old Marty and their lanterns. Often a man dressed as St. Martin with a long red cloak leads the parade on horseback.......

Read the rest of the article here

Yummy! But why goose?

According to legend, Martin was reluctant to become a bishop as an honor for all his good deeds, so he hid in a stable filled with geese to escape from the Church officials. Martin might have been a very kind and gentle man, but he apparently wasn't the smartest. Otherwise he would have considered a different place to hide than a pen filled with gabbling geese that ended up giving away his location.

Others I have read will eat something other than goose. November was also a traditional time to process the geese on the farm. A goose has lots of fat in it and I remember my dad telling me on the relatives farm in Milwaukee, Oregon they would save the fat and some would spread it on toast. I have heard it is also excellent for frostbite.

Einzi Johnson a dear friend and contributor that I met through this newsletter, grew up in Germany and absolutely loves to roast goose for Christmas celebration. Here are some notes on the family's traditional way to cook goose.

Turn the oven to preheat about 425° and then turn lower once the goose is in for about 30 minutes.

I salt and pepper the goose inside and out , let it rest while I do the rest of the preparation. Then I put a pot of water on to boil, in the meantime I cut my carrot, onion,celery and apple into fairly big chunks. Find myself some sage or rosemary sprigs, depends on what you prefer .I take the goose and lay it into the pan, put some of the veggie chunks inside( make sure that ALL the apple is inside the goose)put the rest of the veggies around the goose. Then I slowly pour the boiling water over the goose until it looks opaque.

By the end I usually have about an inch or two of water in the pan. It also helps preventing your fire department to knock on the door, because of the smoke from the fat drippings. However I must say that I like my meat from the goose almost falling of the bone. It is all dark meat and has almost no fat, however the skin is where it all is. Crunchy,crispy and full of flavor. If someone enjoys a little fat in their food a goose it a must! Side dishes I recommend Red ( Blaukraut= blue cabbage) Cabbage and silken Potato Dumplings and of course all covered in gravy. A Buttercup or Endive salad on the side and I am in heaven.

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Tips to Keep German Christmas Cookies Soft

I was reading about your cookie problem. I think I know what the cause is. When you bake the cookies they come out perfect and then you put them on a plate or in a bowl and leave them on the counter or table? The problem is ,especially if you live in a cold climate, people want heat right? Heat dries out the air and sucks all of the moisture out of your cookies.

Therefore you have to put them in a cool unheated place. Like the garage maybe? Put the cookies in a plastic container and add an apple. The same trick will work for hardened brown sugar.

Make sure you check regularly, because you don't won't the apple to go bad. After a while the apple will shrivel some( if it shrivels a lot, exchange the apple) the moisture from the apple will go into the cookies and make them soft.


German Sour Cream Potatoes

6 potatoes baked , boiled or microwave
6 hard boiled eggs , chopped
1 bunch green onions chopped
1 / 2 lb. lean bacon
1 teaspoon salt
pepper to taste
1 / 3 cup vinegar
3 Tablespoons sugar
1 / 2 pint sour cream


1. Chop warm potatoes into a bowl, depending on which kind of potato you use you may want to peel them.

2. Add the chopped eggs and most of the green onions. Reserve a few of the green tops of the onion for garnish.

3. Fry bacon until crisp and crumble over potatoes, retain the bacon fat.

4. in that pan that you fried the bacon, add the vinegar, sugar, sour cream, salt and pepper and bring to a simmer.

5. Pour over the potatoes, sprinkle with reserved green onion tops and serve.

Donated by Sylvia Norris


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Frying Cabbage
the way mom did in the foothills of North Carolina

Louis McGee and his wife recently bought a 12 lb cabbage at a Farmer's Market in Ashville, NC and one of the dishes he is going to make with a few pounds of this giant veg is some old fashioned fried cabbage like his mom made for a "Lumberman's Family". Mother would fry some bacon or our own cured side meat for grease and added water to steam the chopped cabbage until it was tender, then removed the lid and added the chopped meat, a little salt (unless the cured meat was salty enough) , a dash of sugar and black pepper. The mixture was fried down and hers was usually browned. (As you can tell, this can be used for any meal of the day! I've had it for breakfast, lunch and supper (dinner was in the middle of the day).


Over 50 great pickle recipes for all
kinds of vegetables, fruit and even eggs.

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Bonus CD of Recipes with step by step color pictures

cinnamon sticks , vanilla bean to make
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Pink Curing Salt
to make your own corned beef.





German Restaurant Review

Haus Murphys

5739 W. Glendale Ave.
Glendale AZ. 85301

Perfect menu and the best beers on tap.

Mike Rietz

The Dakota Inn

17324 John R. Street
Detroit, Michigan

There is a great little restauraunt in our area it called the Dakota Inn and they have great food, . i always get the Jager Schnitzel and a cold Spaten, it's great!

Tony Markel


More German Restaurants in the USA

If you have a favorite recipe for a German restaurant in the USA please send them. Soon I would like to list other German restaurants in other countries as well!

Email me at


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Recipe Requests

I really appreciate all of you that donate recipes, and help answer
folks requests. Most of the newsletter is based on what folks request and
what you donate. I love to research the recipe and then put it on here
for all to enjoy.

When you email the recipe to those that request please send the recipe to
me also at




dateThu, Oct 29, 2009 at 1:14 PM

hide details 1:14 PM (28 minutes ago)


I just started getting your newsletter - I kept looking at the newsletter at my parents :)

They are from Austria, came to Canada in the 1950's and we have so enjoyed all the good cooking!!! And I have loved getting your newsletter and seeing some old favourites.

My dad has asked me to send in a request - he remembers Dampfnudeln from his childhood. But we've not been able to come across the recipe as his mother made it on the Internet. I believe he said they used rye flour and sour dough and then the mixture was steamed. I know I am not passing on much information - but I would like to see if you had any resources, or if your many readers might have recipes.



Hi Stephen!
Have been thoroughly enjoying your site and appreciate all the recipes, especially those which remind me of my mother's cooking.
I would love to have a recipe for plum dumplings. My mom's were made with a light dough, made of mashed potatoes and flour and eggs & wrapped around the plum and then cooked in a pot of water. These were then rolled in breadcrumbs and sugar, I believe. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I made them early in our marriage for our little grandchildren. But years have erased some of my recollections of "how to". Particularly, since it's been about 40-some years!!!!!!!!!

Also, have been searching for a recipe for "Kranz Kuchen". It had a unique flavor and was bread -like in texture. It was then braided and with the ends folded under to form a crown and placed in a round tin so that the crown would rise high.

Marie Nelson


A request for Poppy Seed Dumplings that are dessert like.

Veronika Fallara



If you could find a recipe for the "dark dense nutty tasting pumpernickel" like my mother would buy when I was a kid, I would be so grateful. The only kind I can buy seems to me the raised pumpernickel, and it is not even close to what I remember. I somehow doubt that the one I remember could not have had yeast and may have been steamed possibly? My mother used to eat it with sliced onions and liverwurst with a little mayo.. I just remember the wonderful taste of the bread, and would like to make it myself. If you can help with the recipe. Thank you!

Tonya Wall







German Music Selection

Roy Black - California Blue


Roy Black was only 48 when he passed away and his idol was Roy Orbison from whom he took on the black hair !

More music by Roy Black here

Rene Carol - In der Taverne von San Remo by Tom-Tom



Freddy Breck - Bianca (H) 1973










More German Music


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