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Dec 7, 2011

Turn on some German Music Discover German-American heritage, recipes and culture .
Stephen Block
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This morning I added some
new Christmas Music. Turn it on while you read about German spiced wine

In the Winter Season Germany loves their

******* Glowing Wine *******

In German it is .....


German Mulled or Spiced Wine


Gluhwien or hot spiced wine has such good memories of warming up a cold winter night. Glühwein stands are very common throughout the Kristkindle markets in Germany. As an 3rd generation German heritage although growing up with my German grandma omnipresent, I had never heard of ....Glüewein
Grandma for some reason never made this, that I can remember. Grandpa that made the wine from grapes that he grew in the back yard, died when I was 5.

So when I heard about Glühwein I thought .....strange , sounds like gluey wine ..echhh
But when I learned that Glüh means glowing ..I got into it I found out it added a Joyous liquid spice to our holiday season. Nothing like the aroma of sweet spice filling the room!

However it is a staple now on cold nights. I love the flavor of hot spiced wine.

Some Spicey Background

Spiced wine goes way back to Roman times and brought it up to Germany. Spices were considered a sign of something really special, gourmet and to some degree wealth.


Back in "the olden days" bottling and storing wine was still not a perfected art.
By winter a great deal of the wine was not the best. So this is a great way to use up
wine that had a little off flavor.

Also if you have odds and ends of wine and even brandies, rum or vodka,
you can add that to the mix as well. Use it up!

What to serve for when friends come over this winter?

Makes a Perfect Beverage For a Winter Party
Many folks serve Glühwein and Lebkuchen or Gingerbread

Go here to make Glühwein



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Glühweinpunsch with White Wine

Anette Holmes gave us her recipe for a spiced wine that uses white wine.

Go here for the recipe
for White Glühweinpunsch


If you want to get some ready made Glühwein spices tea bag style

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Some places have ready made Glühwein

This one is alcohol free

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To make this a drink for children just substitute the wine
and spirits for apple juice, cranberry juice or grape juice.

Winter Medley of Songs by Monika Martin




(Fire Tong Punch)

FOI-ya ZANG-an Bowl

Fiery Wine Punch

Perfect to do after a walk in the chilly
night December air.

It took me a few years to do this but I am so glad that I did. It was so much fun, even if you
didn't drink the spicy wine flavored with fresh lemonand orange , but just watched it.
Every one at first thought that it could get out of control easy but it really contained itself well. It doesn't spit flames and the nice holder from the germandeli.com that I bought,
keeps it cradled nice and the sugar drips right through and doesn'tflow off onto the tablecloth.

It is important to use a strong heatproof bowl , that is pyrex or we used a fondue bowl. Otherwise it may crack.

Here is the movie of our presentation.

The music playing is Krambambuli which is also another name for the Feuerzangenbowle.

Here is the recipe with Step by Step Pictures


Recipe courtesy of the Germandeli.com


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