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Dec 24-2013

Turn on some German Music Discover German-American heritage, recipes and culture .
Stephen Block
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Guten Tag!

This morning I added some
new Christmas Music. Turn it on while you read about German spiced wine

German Christmas Bread
from the 15th century

Read about the History | Recipes | What if your Stollen Fails to Rise

My Grandmother's Recipe for Stollen.
She chose to braid it, which is traditionally called
Hefezopf instead of Stollen, Zopf meaning braid.

This recipe has been baked every year for close to 100 years now in our famiy.

A Brief Stollen History

Stollen has a very long and interesting history.
Since the early 1300's in Germany it has been a favorite. But it has taken on a huge symbolism
down through the ages and the oldest Christmas market in Germany is named after this loaf of holiday bread.

Streizel is another name for Christstollen and in Dresden they have the Striezelmarkt every year.
It is the oldest Christmas market in Germany that started in 1434.

What is with the Name?

Stollen sounds strange for a holiday loaf of sweet bread that represents the Christ Child.
The name Christstollen comes from the shape of the stollen looks like a baby wrapped in a blanket,
and so it became a symbol for the baby Jesus.

It is believed by many that the name "stollen" was originated in a mining community in Dresden . A Stollen is a word for an entrance to a mine shaft. The rounded end of the bread reminded them of a mine entrance.

Picture of the HUGE Stollen baking oven.

In the Early 1700's August the Strong, Lord of Saxony ordered a 27 foot long Stollen weighing over a Ton to be marched in to a festival to symbolize the mightiness of their army.


World's largest Stollen

In 2010 Bakers in Dresden made a new world record by putting together this large Stollen for the cities Stollenfest.

more about this record breaking stollen in Dresden


Dresden Stollenfeset

Showing the presentation and cutting of the Giant Stollen!



Go Here for more on the history of Stollen


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Now on to Making Stollen

Traditional Folded Stollen

Braided Stollen (Hefezopf)

This is the recipe from my grandma (Oma) made for us every Christmas
Season. She always braided it which is traditional in some German households
The Folded Stollen is what you usually see in the markets.

I say let's try both recipes and see what you think?

Come into my kitchen and let's make
Braided Stollen
Folded Stollen (Dresden Style)






From My Friends


A friend of mine Katalin did a nice job with this recipe.
Here is a picture of how hers turned out.


Bob Packer's Stollen Recipe

Quark Stollen
(The addition of Quark or you can substitute ricotta cheese )


Mike Arnoldi


Ooops Stollen Failure To Rise


This year I experienced what amateur bread baking enthusiasts call PBF or Partial Bread Falure.
The yeast didn't seem to want to raise the heavy dough laden with candied orange and lemon, currants
and candied fruit.

So per instructions I created a sponge using the same amount of yeast, a cup of lukewarm water and
a little sugar. When it foamed up 1 inch I knew the yeast was active. Since my recipe makes 8 loaves
I broke this down into batches or rebatches.

First I added the yeast and water into my large mixing bowl and added a 2 cups of flour to make
a gooey batter called a "Sponge". This felt very active and alive so I added in half of the "PBF" bread
and mixed it well adding a bit more flour at a time and kneading till it wasn't sticky.

I then made my braided loaves again

As you can see by the time I got done with the second batch (right) the First batch had doubled
in size, and I was ready to bake. Sup-"rised" by JOY that this worked and saved an expensive recipe.

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German Christmas Music



Wiehnachtslied Alles Jahr Wieder


Ursprung Buam - Die Sterne blüh'n zur Weihnachtszeit 2008


Klostertaler - How a sleigh ride 2009


More German Music

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