The Perfect Corned Beef and Cabbage
Cooking Guide

By Stephen Block



Now in just minutes you can

Have a Step by Step recipe with 30 large color pictures of each Step.



You will easily create the

pefect Corned Beef and Cabbage


Through all the 30 years as a professional Chef

I have served this meal for hundreds of people.

I have perfected the technique so it comes out
mouth watering tender

and looking picture perfect.


If you don't know the right tips your meat can turn out either shoeleather tough

or fall apart into mush.

There is nothing like pictures to take away the guessing that you have to do when all you have is a few lines in a recipe.



I go into detail on what are

The little points that make this special dish

Incredible. How to assure you get the

Right cut of Corned Beef, and how to

Make it fork tender but still hold together.


Dynamic E Cookbooks


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