A Coddle is a 16th century term for a slow cooked stew. It later became a term for treating anything gently. The charm of this dish is the way it is put together. In layers and then covered with water or cider and just barely simmered for hours.

This makes enough for 4 hungry people or some left to freeze.
1 lb. sliced bacon, (if you can get the meaty ends )
2 lbs. Good quality sausages. (Like a bratwurst , NOT smoked and meaty)
2 large Onions , sliced
2 cloves garlic, chopped
4 large potatoes, Like you would use for a stew
2 carrots , cut in thick slices
1 handful fresh herbs. Parsley works well, thyme and basil are also good.
4 Cups Water ,apple cider, hard cider or a combination of

1. Brown the bacon in the skillet. Remove and chop into pieces and add to a large pot that has a tight fitting lid

2. Brown sausages in the bacon fat then drain on a towel.

3. Layer the onions in the bottom of the pot. Next the potatoes,
then the browned sausages on top. After each layer grind some pepper over it. Next sprinkle then with fresh herbs. Pour in hard cider, apple cider or
water just to cover., but no more than 4 cups.

4. Bring to a boil and then turn to a slow simmer just barley a bubble coming up now and then. Let it cook for 2 to 4 hours developing a rich flavored stew.
This can also be done in the oven.

Serve with Irish soda bread or a White soda Farl to mop up the juices. Serve with Guinness Stout