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Some Spring Food Ideas

Leah's Pasta Salad, Hawaiian Burger, Watermelon Gazpacho, Blueberry Dumplings



Leah sent me a wonderful pasta salad recipe that she used for her Spring celebration hot dog bbq. I wanted to share it as it was looked so easy fresh and delicious. Pasta salad has all kinds of options now, with really good white whole wheat and multi grain pasta as well as a good GF pasta , corn and quinoa pasta.

We had a Hawaiian Burger the other day and I usually like very basic burgers, ( I didn't like The Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger" that was a house specialty at Hamburger Mary's but I really liked this one so much I have ordered it twice. Then we decided to make some. If you don't like the Spam then use ham. But the Hawaiians like their Spam, and so do I!

As it gets warmer we will be moving into cold soups. I make soup nearly every day as it uses up any trim, vegetables that need to be used, as well as any stock I have made. This is a fun one that I do when I get a whole watermelon and need some recipes to use it up.

Finally I loved doing research on the Volga Germans. There expertise in farming has been second to none. They brought over an interesting berry from Russia when the migrated called a Schwartzbeeren, that made great dumplings. I used the same technique and made some excellent little blueberry dumplings. The recipe and story of the Volga Germans was in the recent German Recipe Newsletter.


Leah's Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad is relatively new as far as a trend. Before it was popular in starting in the 1980's there was a mayonnaise based macaroni salad that could be found in every deli and became tiresome.

There are recipes for pasta salad as early as 1916 in the U.S. but it was a vinegar base and folded into whipped cream.

This is a great basic recipe in which you can add what ever vegetables you want, or a different kind of bean. Some folks like to add garbanzo beans instead of kidney and condiments like sliced olives or pickles.

You could also put shredded cheddar or grated parmesan in it.



The Hawaiian Burger

. This is a great burger I have fallen in love with at "The Grind" in Palm Springs, CA.

The basis of it is simple and no recipe needed. A good burger topped with a nice white cheese like Jack or Meunster, Grilled pineapple rings, ham or Spam since it is very popular in Hawaii, and we used "Spam Lite" and a pineapple teriyaki glaze.

I will give the recipe for the great pineapple teriyaki glaze
that makes the burger.


Watermelon Gazpacho

I got a whole watermelon and want to be able to use it up.

Here is a nice recipe that is a good first course or cool lunch or evening light meal.
You could serve some peel and eat shrimp, or even just pick up a rotisserie chicken at the supermarket for some easy protein to go with this.

This is one of many Gazpacho's. Learn more about this amazing cold soup .......

The History of Gazpacho

Also Recipes for Gazpacho


Blueberry Dumplings
in nutmeg cream

In German it is ..Blaubeeren Kenebble

In place of the Schwartzbeeren
(A special type of berry native to Russia)

This I made while doing some research on Volga Germans that migrated by invitation to Russia in the late 1700's to show the other Russians their farming techniques.
centuries later much suffering came and they needed to migrate out.

Some brought a this berry that is a member of the nightshade family, (so you don't eat the leaves) that has a really nice tart flavor.

Learn more about the Schwartzbeeren here.
Learn more about the Volga Germans and other recipes from the latest German Goodies newsletter I also put out;



Cooks Corner Podcast

Food Podcasts are big now, and fun and easy to listen too.

My friend Peter Pizzati a fellow chef bud, has a fun podcast.
Listen to his latest episode, it is funny some
Top comedians talking funny food bits

Fast Food Fun

For mature audiences only
It's not real bad just a few colorful words here and there,
I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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