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Dumpling that Saved a Town and A Spring Food Winner, Rhubarb

Spring is here and so it is time to think about the first seasonal fruit and Veg. I am still making some dumplings from my big project with dumplings, many of them Dumplings from my German heritage.

Since I just got done with dessert dumplings I wanted to share one of my favorites, the Dampfnudel. there are both sweet and savory Dampfnudels and it has the coolest history of any food. The stuff you could make a movie out of. The town of Freckenfeld, Germany was saved during the 30 years war by none other than the Dampfnudel!

Rhubarb is a sour choice for so many folks but is one of the sweet signs of Spring when you see it coming up in the garden. It is very healthy so a real great choice to add more recipes to your culinary repetoire.



Steam Fried Dumplings
with Vanilla Sauce,

Dampfnudel means..(steamed noodle)

This is a very interesting way to do a dumpling. You steam it in a small amount of water with butter. When the water all escapes the dumpling should be cooked and then it browns a nice crust on the bottom.

This has a long history in Germany and I think the word Dumpling came from the word Dampfnudel but it is just my theory.

More on the history of Dampfnudel


Spring is Here and one of the first signs of spring is shoots of red stemmed Rhubarb popping up with big shadow bearing leaves.

To learn more about this very healthy food click
The History of Rhubarb

This page features Rhubarb Recipes from Around the World.
Rhubarb Tarts, Rhubarb Sauce, Rhubarb Sour Cream Cake
also recipes using Rhubarb in savory dishes,
Rhubarb Lamb Stew, Rhubarb Lentil Stew.


Just a fun photo of what you can do with a Watermelon.

It is not as hard as you think. This summer we will get into
step by step carving of a watermelon.

Here is the tool that I use to make the grooves.

Channel Knife  



Cooks Corner Podcast

Food Podcasts are big now, and fun and easy to listen too.

My friend Peter Pizzati a fellow chef bud, has a fun podcast.
Listen to his latest episode, it is funny some
Top comedians talking funny food bits

Fast Food Fun

For mature audiences only
It's not real bad just a few colorful words here and there,
I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Slightly smaller but great quality beans

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As usual I always love to hear from you
and what your favorite
are, email me please....

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