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I have been writing about Caesar salad for a decade now, always learning new things. Grilling a Caesar is still a little new for me and I am at least learning the proper technique, and cool things like putting shaved vinegar ice on it.

Probably one of the greatest accomplishments this year is learning how to master the small batch quick sauerkraut. If you have never had it, It is mind blowing how wonderful those fresh pro-biotics make you feel.

I have been working on a muse I have had for years with paprika, yeah REAL Goulash. Yes that stuff you use to use just to color deviled eggs. It has tremendous flavor and I created my own Hungarian Goulash Spice with imported paprikas and it is great with my collection of Goulash recipes and other things like potatoes, vegetables and soups.


Notes about a Grilled Caesar

The fascination with grilling everything is becoming a fad losing it's novelty to me.
Grilling cabbage, Bacon and pancakes, cheese and butter is a giggle and fun to do once. But the death of a fad gives way to refining the real "culinary integrity" of an outdated style.

I have recently rediscovered how wonderful blackened seasoning is on fish! But not some old cajun spice that has been sitting in your cupboard for years, but blending your own simple version really brings back the glory of the golden oldies.

My first attempt at grilling lettuce was pretty awful. It tasted more like someone had poured boiling water over a spear cluster of Romaine lettuce instead of over a tea bag by accident.

The key I found is to get a really hot grill going so it sears and chars the open face of sliced surface of a cluster of Romaine or other hearty lettuce. So you get a slightly warmed lettuce still crisp, but with these nice caramelized crispy pieces that give a nice contrast.

The History of Caesar Salad

More Caesar Salad Recipes

Here are two recipes you may like,

Grilled Caesar with Artisan lettuce

Grilled Romaine Caesar with Pears

In reading about grilling lettuce I saw Alton Brown put shaved vinegar ice on a grilled Caesar so I wanted to try it.

I found it really interesting and good enough to share. I used Sherry wine vinegar which is really good balanced vinegar. I have not tried it with others. I wouldn't use distilled white vinegar though.

Give Sherry wine vinegar a try . In fact collect some cool vinegars once a month splurge and add another to your collection. They keep well.

Freeze the vinegar in a glass dish and then use a fork to make crystals.

I use t Don Bruno a get Sherry Wine Vinegar from Spain, you get it here


Grilled Romaine with shaved vinegar ice on top.



Small Batch Krauts

All of my recipes and articles that I have read are about making a large batch of sauerkraut that sits in your garage or a cool room for 6 weeks to 6 months.
With the interest in pro biotic filled fresh fermented vegetables. The fermented means you leave them in a weak brine on the counter and they pickle!

I make it weekly one head at a time now on my counter and it only takes 3 days.

I love how fresh sauerkraut makes my tummy and whole system feel great. If you eat some a couple times a day and especially before a meal it really aids in digestion. Cheaper than prilosec.

Go here for the recipe with step by step pictures for Quick and fresh Small Batch Kraut.



Goulash Goodies

I have been tinkering in my kitchen with my favorite spice mix ,
Goulash spice. I have 3 different paprikas that I like so I use a blend,
of Sweet Hungarian Paprika, Smoked Hungarian Paprika, and just a little Hot Hungarian Paprika, The mixture is mild.

Here is my grandma Emma's Goulash Recipe

To the blend I add freshly ground bay leaves, caraway and cumin. Now if you don't like caraway seeds, you won't notice them in the mix.
I round this out with garlic and onion powder.

Here is my grandma's recipe for Goulash.
You can order the Hungarian Spice and Ebook here





Cafe Mocha Ice Cream

My Chef friend Peter Pizzati loves making home made
ice cream and here is one of his favorite recipes.

Here are some of his Easy Home made
Ice Cream Recipes.



Vanilla Beans sale with Fresh Ground Cinnamon Sample

I am enjoying grinding my own cinnamon fresh from
the highest quality of Saigon cinnamon. Why Saigon?..
It has the highest oil content. The difference is really noticeable.


Slightly smaller but great quality beans

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As usual I always love to hear from you
and what your favorite
are, email me please....

Stephen Block


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