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Make Healthy Fresh Pickled Vegetables on your Counter and Let's do a
Pickle Shot Together!


Good Stuff for your Tummy!

My Chef friend John Biswanger sent me a nice article on the benefits from " Fresh Pickles" , also called "fermented pickles"

These pickles never hit any heat at all and are never canned.They ferment the way grapes would for wine only they make vinegar. Natural lactic acid , pro biotic bacteria that is so good for the digestion in your tummy. In fact many folks drink the fresh fermented pickle juice only. Gilbert Schmidt even toasts pickle shots with his daughter. Athletes for years have been drinking fresh pickle juice after a hard workout to relieve sore muscles.

Also they are incredibly delicious. Each batch makes it's own special flavor depending on the fermentation. My 2 fav's to pickle are cukes and cauliflower with carrots coming in a close 3rd.


Ancient Sources not only refer to the nutritional benefits of pickles, but claim that they have long been considered a beauty aid. Cleopatra attributed her good looks to a hearty diet of pickles.

Here are some info on The Health benefits from Pickles

The Health Benefits of Lactic Acid
Fermented Vegetables


On the Benefits of Drinking Pickle Juice

By Meghan Telpener

Prosit, Salute, lets drink a shot to our health!

If you really want to Get into more Pickling Get my book complete with some spices.

Get it all in this book, plus curing salt and spices for making your own Corned Beef.



From Anti Oxidants to Kicking up your Metabolism

Mushrooms are great for you!

Health Benefits from Mushrooms

The Potluck Cook's Club is is consistently working towards our goal of providing the best quality ingredients possible.  Mushroom Dust is my personal favorite. Mushroom Dust Seasoning is the perfect addition to soups, stews, sauces, potatoes, vegetable side dishes, eggs, grilled meats and much much more!! - See more at:

Go Here for more information on Mushroom Dust




Cooks Corner Podcast

Food Podcasts are big now, and fun and easy to listen too.

My friend Peter Pizzati a fellow chef bud, has a fun podcast.
Listen to his latest episode, it is funny some
Top comedians talking funny food bits

Fast Food Fun

For mature audiences only
It's not real bad just a few colorful words here and there,
I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Slightly smaller but great quality beans

6 Premium Madagascar
Vanilla Beans

Plus 3 extra vanilla beans!


Slightly smaller but great quality beans

12 Premium Madagascar
Vanilla Beans

Plus 6 extra vanilla beans!


Slightly smaller but great quality beans

25 Premium Madagascar
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Plus 13 extra vanilla beans!


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and what your favorite
are, email me please....

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