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It has been a while since I have sent out a newsletter. I have been working other tasks at the Desert Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, along with my general BBQ duties. Thank you for your patience and support through the years. I want to continue to share what I learn and research in the field of food, and food history.

I know this was a month ago but did you have some corned beef left over from St. Patty's Day? What did you make with them?
Yup, I bet one of the first thoughts is a Reuben sandwich, if you are in America. Have you ever wondered why it's called that? Check out the history and the original recipe. For those outside the U.S. you may be wondering what a Reuben sandwich is. Read on!

I made a German style French onion soup that was stunningly good.
Do you think 2.50 is good for an Heirloom tomato? I think they are..... Let's get to the recipes and history.


The Original Reuben Sandwich

This has been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember.
When trying to describe it's a iconic stature to someone in another country far far away they had never heard the term "Reuben" but when I described it they said in a New Zealand accent , that is just a "Flash Toastie" meaning a a dolled up grilled sandwich. Arghhh they did not get the significance.

This sandwich is on menu's all across the country and has a humble origin. Read about the history of the Reuben sandwich here.

The original Reuben sandwich recipe here.

Read the history of the Reuben sandwich here

Pulled Corned Beef Sandwich
Cole Slaw

I got this variation on the theme of Corned Beef and Cabbage
when down in Southern California we had a very warm St. Patrick's Day and a BBQ was in order. Corned beef brisket makes a wonderful pulled sandwich with a bit of horseradish cream and cole slaw.

Here is the recipe for Pulled Corned Beef
Sandwich with Cole Slaw

Bleu Caprese Salad

Is it worth it to buy that 2.50 heirloom tomato? Here I cut it up and put some Maytag Bleu Cheese with it, put on a bed of greens, basil leaves and reduced balsamic. It isn't cheap but can be as satisfying or more than another splurge like a steak.

Caprese salad was invented by a restauranteur in the 50s on the Island of Capri off the coast of Naples, Italy. The recipe is simple use tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves. A little balsamic makes the perfect dressing.

This salad is really open to creative presentation, and your playful twists.
In this case I used Bleu cheese instead of mozzarella


German French Onion Soup

When German immigrants settled near French speaking Montreal, Canada, they modified the popular locals French Onion soup to make it hearty enough for a hard working farmer. They added rich meat from the leg, short ribs, also other solid beef cuts. The bread and cheese topping was left off. Read more about the history of this soup before you make it.

Some background on German French Onion Soup




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As usual I always love to hear from you
and what your favorite
are, email me please....

Stephen Block

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