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Ode to Easter Memories, on to Kale and Hawaii.

Before saying goodbye to Easter I wanted to share a wonderful bread that many cultures make a variation of for festive seasons. A rich egg bread that would be called a Challah or Brioche or in my heritage Hefezopf. In Germany they braid the bread for this occasion and fashion it in a wreath. For other occasions it is just braided. It is great year around, not too sweet but an excellent morning bread or after noon snack with coffee. My dad for years has eaten this in the afternoon.
Some interesting notes also about it's bizarre history, Perhaps true.

I have been exploring kale again, not in smoothies but in a salad that actually tastes good and tender and not just good FOR you. We found a new addition to the culinary world in my block, Baby Kale.

Finally a Schnitzel to celebrate the coming of better weather in the northern hemisphere, Hawaiian Schnitzel that has what I think a simple and perfect combination of elements and fairly light.


What is the Tradition of Braiding Bread?

Braiding hair and ropes goes back to ancient times.
It was a symbol of art, and where you came from. It was a social activity where one braided another's hair.

A more bizarre twist to the history is that it may have started as an alternative to human sacrifice, centuries ago when it was a common practice for a wife if her husband died to follow him into the grave.

Read more here.

Here is the recipe for this Hefekranz that I made on Easter.


Baby Kale is Born

When I was at my sisters a few weeks ago and we talked about how bitter and tough Kale is even though a superfood.

She asked if there was a Baby Kale product and I was not sure so she stopped at Costco the next day and Baby Kale has been born!
It is very tasty , a blend and not so tough.
To the right I blended it with a little Romaine and mixed in a Hot bacon dressing.

Here is a recipe for Hot Bacon Dressing


Some Links to the History of Kale




Hawaiian Schnitzel

Put some Aloha in the your German

This is actually not a new thing it has been on many German menus
for years. A great way to celebrate the Spring! No sauce is needed for this, using the fresh thick pineapple ring it gives a nice sweet blast that compliments the crispy Schnitzel and the richness of the cheese.






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