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You can customize your sauerkraut for your bratwurst.

The sauerkraut for your brats can be as sweet or tart as you like it.

Here are some suggestions.

Keep the sauerkraut and onions in a pan warm on the BBQ. You can heat them in the pan then cover with foil and they will keep warm for a long time even if you take them off the grill.

If you don't like sauerkraut too sour then wash it in a strainer, then heat and serve.

Sauerkraut Relish
The simple addition of sugar and vinegar, peppers, and celery. This makes a nice condiment or salad.

Here is a recipe from my grandmother for a baked sauerkraut that the left overs will work well on your brats.

Emma's Sauerkraut

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