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Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Sturdy construction, generous capacity, heat-resistant handle, and second handle for pouring control. With the most ventilation holes in its canister, coals ignited quickly.

Recommended by Cooking Illustrated


Plastic basting bottles with brush heads eliminate messy dripping between your bowl of barbecue sauce and the grill. Just fill the bottle, screw on the brush head, and squeeze to release sauce onto the brush. We tried out four bottles, basting grilled chicken. Brushes with soft silicone bristles gently distributed sauce, while stiffer bristles tore and even removed delicate chicken skin. We also preferred long-necked bottles, which kept our hands far from the heat.

Charcoal Companion 13.75-Ounce
Silicone Head Sauce Basting Bottle

Recommended by Cooking Illustrated



Charcoal Companion 17-Inch Flame Resistant Black BBQ or Oven Mitt

a barbecue mitt must meet two core requirements: enough heat resistance to keep hands from burning and enough pliability to keep cooks from inadvertently dropping grill grates or smashing food  

Recommended by Cooking Illustrated


Polder 12453 Stainless Steel Dual Oven Thermometer

ability to simultaneously check the food and oven temperatures, and bargain price. On the grill, a heatproof silicone finger-grip under the dial allows you to take the thermometer out of the lid vents and check the temperature of the meat.

Recommended by Cooking Illustrated  


Tool Wizard Grill & BBQ Brush Wizard Grill Scrubber.

This brush was tested and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Cooks Illustrated Magazine.

This has a lightweight polypropylene grip, and a single large, tough pad (with a spare included) that did an excellent job cleaning off a baked-on mixture of honey, molasses, barbecue sauce, and mustard.





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