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Farmers Bratwurst
Grobe Bauernbratwurst

I wanted to make this interesting to you by providing both the German and the English translations to you. Hopefully you will get a sense that you are getting a "true" German bratwurst recipe.

Literal translations are not helpful because they don't allow for nuances of language and cooking techniques. Therefore, these are free, slightly modified translations. The same hold for measurements. While 500 grams equals 1.1 pounds, it is not helpful; nor would the reverse: 454 grams equal one pound. It is better to list common, easy to determine measurements.

Grobe Bauernbratwurst

Was brauche ich?

500 g. mageres Schweinefleisch von Schulter oder Schlegel

300 g. mageres Rindfleisch

200 g. Schulterspeck oder sehr fetter Schewinebauch ohne Schwarte

20 g. Salz (1 schwach gehäufter Eßl.)

½ gestr. Eßl. weißer, gemahlener Pfeffer

½ gestr. Teel. gemahlene Muskatnuß

1/3 Teel. Mayoran

1 Teel. geriebene Zitronenschale

1 Eßl. Milch

So wird’s gemacht!

Rindfleisch, Schweinefleisch und Speck durch die 10- oder 13-mm-Scheibe drehen.

Mit den gemischten Gewürzen, dem Salz und der Milch zu einer gut bindenden Masse vermischen. Masse in Schweinedünndärme füllen und abdrehen. Wurstmasse kann jederzeit eingekocht werden.

Farmers Bratwurst

What do I need?

1 pound lean pork from shoulder or leg

10 ounces lean beef

8 ounces shoulder fat or very fat pork belly

1 ½ teaspoons white pepper

20 grams or Tsp Salt

½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

½ teaspoon marjoram

1 teaspoon grated lemon rind

1 tablespoon milk


This is how it is made!

Put the beef, pork, and fat through the medium or coarse blade of the meat grinder.

Mix the herbs and spices, the salt and the milk together and mix well into the meat. Put the meat in sausage casings.

The sausage can also be cooked as is.

[The recipe goes on to state that the würste can be put in glass jars and cooked (“canned”) for 120 minutes for those wanting to keep the meats. This is an old-fashioned method used prior to refrigerators and freezing.]

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