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These are some restaurants and mini reviews by some of our readers from the German Goodies Newsletter,

I am working on the page so that will have all the restuarants organized by states.

If you know of another good German Restaurant please email me at;

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Zum Stammtisch


69-46 Myrtle Ave.
Glendale, NY


Best German restaurant in New York City area. There are others but this one is the real deal from beer through dessert

Thanks for the newsletter. We look forward to every issue as it brings back fond memories of great food.



The Salzburger Hof

For AUTHENTIC Austrian cuisine, visit one of the "Best Places to Eat in Canada", The Salzburger Hof
(located about an hour north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - at the hub of the Great Lakes)

Lake Shore Salzburger Hof Resort
P.O. Box 118
Batchawana Bay, Ontario Canada
P0S 1A0
Tel & Fax: (705) 882-2323



The Bavaria House

In Columbus Ga. there is the Bavarian House that has very good food and desserts all reasonably priced. I have an hour and half drive to eat there and it is worth the trip.

2528 Weems Rd,
Columbus, GA
(706) 257-1775?

Eveline Jarret



European Desserts

Washington Pa Farmer's Market and also three nights a week in "The Original Farmer's Night Market " in South Fayette ,Pa.
Custom desserts made just call.

Click here for more pictures

Hannelore Traum
Pittsburgh ,Pa


Edelweiss German Restaurant‎

3801 Southwest Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76116

The entertainment, music, dancing, eating, and drinking are all perfect at
Edelweiss. I am not sure we can ever find a true German Restaurant that has
it all. Edelweiss puts a big smile on your face, fills your tummy full of
yummies, thrills your ears with magic music, and makes your heels and legs
wiggle and jiggle; and it is all German!

Bernd is the owner, chef, entertainer, musician, dancer, and German. Bernd
makes everything so much fun, and it would be really hard to find another
like him or a restaurant like his. Read his entire website. He is so cool!
He loves fun!! One night he ask me to dance several times...giggles!

Jane Ann Brandt


Le Pavillon of Saint Augustine , Florida

This is a European restaurant but has
Sauerbraten and other German specialties,
but an excellent restaurant.

Ingrid Boatright



Hoover's Restaurant

1441 Pittsburgh Rd
Valencia, PA 16059-2431
(724) 443-2010

I want to tell you that last Sunday, I took my best friend, Alice (whom we've known each other since 9th grade!) to a very good German restaurant called " HOOVER 'S" in the Valencia , PA area. I introduced her to Wiener Schnitzel and hot German potato salad. She was very surprised to see how tasty the Schnitzel and the salat were. I believe that the Schnitzel was dusted with flour and not bread crumbs...but still it was very tasty. But, it was NOT veal. It was pork! I had my heart set on the veal though. I have a bit of a hard time trying to find some nice veal cutlets in my supermarkets

here in my area. Gone are the days when we used to have honest to goodness butcher shops!! Everything has changed and it doesn't make me very happy. Hopefully, some day they will return.

Well, I must close now, but I just had to tell you about how delish that Wiener Schnitzel was at Hoover 's. My mouth is still watering as I write this!!

Alles Gute

Lois Baile



Ol Heidelberg

6125 University Dr NW # E14
Huntsville, AL 35806
(256) 922-0556

We have a wonderful German restaurant here called Ol Heidelberg. The food is fantastic, especially the schnitzel, pan fries and cucumber salad. And a most delicious brown farmer's bread. This is a family owned restaurant and has been in Huntsville , al for years. My late husband and I use to go there every year for our anniversary and of course, other times too. Now I am unable to get out and cherish those memories.



Scharfs Shiller Park


Hi Stephen! Thanks so much for including the German Restaurant in Buffalo in your news letter this week. I also live in Buffalo and go to a place called Scharfs Shiller Park. Their sauerbraten is fantastic and the potato pancakes just blew me away! I've included their website if you would like to take a peek. . I love Buffalo and often I hear people just slamming it as a frozen winter hell land. The ethnic diversity and cultural experiences are many and short of winter the spring, summer, and fall make up for it! Our past history shows many a fellow German resided here at the turn of the century where whole communities from the mutterland lived, worked and help build Buffalo. I am hosting the family reunion this year ( my side) and we will all be going out for an evening of German dining/music. Scharfs is quaint and a hidden gem in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. The original owner who is now 91 years old still cooks with the help of her son....amazing! Ahhhh, my mouth is watering at the thought! Would you consider asking all your email friends to send in good German places to eat in their towns so the rest of us can know where to get a proper German meal if we happen to be passing by that way! Just a suggestion.

Pamela Mondanaro


Brigitte wrote and said there is a lady in San Diego, CA that sells Apfelstrudel, Hoernchen
( not greasy) all fresh and of course good brown bread with sunflower seeds on top
at the Temecula Farmer's Market every Saturday !!


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If you know of another good German Restaurant please email me at;








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