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Roland Kaiser

Popular German singer Roland Kaiser was born in the city of Berlin in 1952.
A legendary entertainer, Kaiser has released numerous albums and singles, most notably "Santa Maria," Dich Zu Lieben, and "Sieben Fässer Wein." ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide more

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 Roland Kaiser - Ich glaub, es geht schon wieder los 1988




Roland Kaiser - Alles was Du willst


Refrain: "Und alles was du willst,
werd’ ich für dich sein
bin dein Stern am Himmel
den du greifst
Denn alles was du fühlst,
fühlst du nicht allein,
oh nein..."

"And everything you want,
will I be for you,
'll be a star in the sky,
that you touch,
'cause everything you feel,
you don't feel alone,
oh no...



Roland Kaiser - Santa Maria 2005




Roland Kaiser - Schachmatt











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