12 oz to 1 lb. corned beef
1 large onion chopped 1/4 inch dice
1 ib of cooked potatoes about 4 medium, diced
1 14 oz can beets , about 1 1/2 cup diced
Oil for frying

salt and pepper

4 eggs , 1 for each person but 2 if desired.
Vinegar (for poaching water)

1. First I chop and assemble the ingredients. The amount of potatoes can vary, more potatoes makes the hash congeal a bit more so your serving sticks together. The technique of making a good Labskaus or Hash as it is called in the states is to fry it and constanty stir to crisp and brown all the nice components. Browning brings out a tremendous amount of flavor that you don't get by just heating the ingredients and getting an occasional browned spots.

2. Place about 2 tablespooons or more for crispier in pan and heat to medium high.
Add the corned beef, onions and potatoes and fry turning every 15 seconds. I use a flexible spatula and scrape the crust off the pan. This adds so much flavor. I like to add a little salt and pepper right now.

3. Add the chopped beets and continue to fry for another minute

4. While you are browning the hash poach the eggs one at a time. with a spoon stir the water until you have a nice little whirlpool, drop one egg in at a time and poach to desired doneness. remove to plate and repeat.

5. Taste the Labskaus and adjust salt and pepper. If you need to hold for serving, turn heat off and slightly cover. If you cover completely it will get soggy.

6. When ready to serve, put an egg back into the hot water to reheat, then dish a mound of Labskaus on the plate. Place the hot egg on top of the hash then repeat. This keeps the eggs from overcooking.

I prefer 2 soft poached eggs. The runny yolk makes a perfect sauce. Serve with tomato sauce or catsup.