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Schwäbischer Rostbraten
(Swabian Roast Steak)

4 slices rib steak (7 oz. ea.)
salt and fresh ground pepper
4 med. onions
lard for frying in skillet
one glass of red wine
4 Tbsp. sweet cream



Score edges of steaks so they don't curl
season with Salt and pepper
Fry steaks in a heavy cast iron skillet to desired doneness

Cut onions in thin rings and fry crisp in hot lard in pan
Arrange on top of meat.

Boil the meat juices together with the glass of red wine,allow to thicken
(reduce) and stir in the sweet cream Serve this sauce with the steaks
Good with Spätzle and a Salad, and a glass of red wine of course!
Guten Appetite!



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