Ingredients:                                  serves 4
The basics
4 medium potatoes
4 eggs beaten
1 cup chopped ham or 4 slices bacon cooked and chopped into 1 inch pieces.
1 cup chopped onions

Optional ingredients
add equal amounts

Bell peppers
Brussels Sprouts

for heat
6 Jalapeno peppers slices
4 cloves Chopped garlic

Chives or green onion tops for garnish

1This one I am going for a large chunk. You can vary the size. I also had 3 differernt kinds of potatoes from last nights community BBQ where we had lots of different foods. Russet, red skin and sweet potatoes. Grandma would never throw anything away like many from the old world so we would get them in a soup or sometimes in a dish like this.

2. Put some cooking oil in the skillet and heat to medium.
Add the ham or bacon and onions.

3. Add some jalapeno slices if you want to add some heat. Add the garlic if you like.

4. After browning the onions and potatoes add the rest of the vegetables.

5. Some folks then add the eggs and cook them right in the pan with the vegetables.
I like to cook the eggs separate. When you just put the beaten eggs in the skillet with the other vegetables
they sometimes have no identity as eggs and pick up any other dark colors from the bottom of the pan.
An easy way to cook scrambled eggs without getting another pan out is to cook them on 50 % power in the microwave. Depending on your wattage, it should take 2 to 3 minutes for 4 eggs in a glass dish like above.
I spray the dish lightly but it really doesn't stick much at all.

6. Blend in the eggs with the rest of the ingredients.