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Chicken and Dumplings
(Hähnchen Klöse)


meat from one 4 lb frying chicken,
1 cup diced carrots
1 cup diced leeks
1 cup diced onions
1 cup diced celery
1 quart chicken stock

1 / 2 cup flour
1 cup cold water

1 / 4 cup chopped parsley for garnish.

Note: If it is hard to find leeks then substitute another cup of onions.



1. Dice the vegetables into about a half inch dice. It is important
that it keeps a nice well defined size after cooking, but is just a nice bite.
too small the vegetables will breakdown and the stew looks like hodge podge.

2. Here is the chicken meat that I pulled off the bones after simmering it in
water, with a bit of onion, peppercorns , and 2 bay leaves.
keep it in nice size chunks. Use the stock for the sauce.

3. Simmer the vegetables in stock.
When they are tender mix 1 / 2 cup flour into 1 cup water till dissolved to make
the slurry. Add this a little at a time to the simmering stock to thicken it. You don't
want the gravy too thick. If it coats the bottom of a ladel or spoon that is a good test of the
proper thickness. Here you can see that you can see the vegetables through the stock.





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