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Creme Slices


Puff Pastry:

8 oz unsalted butter
8 oz flour
1 egg yolk
1 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp flour
1Tsp salt


COOL WHIP whipped topping or whipped heavy cream

Vanilla Pudding Filling:

2 ½ cup milk
5 oz granulated sugar
2 vanilla instant pudding mixes
2 large eggs
vanilla sugar
1 Tbsp rum
9 ½ oz softened unsalted butter

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Getting Started:
Combine butter and 1 Tbsp of flour into a lump. Pour 8 oz flour in a mixing bowl or on a clean work surface. Make a hole in the middle, add egg yolk, salt and cold water. Knead the mass well until it becomes firm. Place on a floured work surface. Using a knife, cut a ¾ inch cross into the dough. Cover the dough with the bowl and let stand for 30 minutes. Using a rolling pin, shape the dough into 4 semicircles resembling flower petals. Place the lump of butter in the middle, then cover with one of the semicircles.

Press down on the edges of the semicircle to seal in butter. Make sure that butter cannot escape through any holes of the dough pocket. Cover the pocket with the remaining semicircles. Using the rolling pin, gently tap on the pocket so that butter spreads evenly. Shape the dough into a long, about ½ inch thick rectangle. Flip one third of the rectangle toward the center. Flip the other end to the center, like folding a business letter. Rotate the dough 90 degrees. Flip the left half over the right.
Wrap the dough into a plastic wrap. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After the dough has been refrigerated for 30 minutes, unwrap the dough. Discard the plastic wrap. Repeat the folding and rotating process of the dough. Make sure you roll out the dough in the direction opposite to the one of folding.

Repeat the folding, rotating and refrigerating process of the dough two more times for a total of four times. If the dough becomes soft or sticky during this process, immediately refrigerate until firm.
After the fourth turn, wrap the finished dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate to make sure it is well-chilled before baking. Puff Pastry keeps refrigerated for up to three days, or frozen for several months.

Note: Do not grease the baking dish when baking puff pastry.

Roll out the dough into two sheets of same length and width. Place in a baking dish. Do not grease the baking dish. Using a fork, make holes to ensure that the dough will rise evenly while baking. First bake at 480F; once the dough turns slightly yellow, lower the heat to 390F and finally to 300F.
Puff pastry sheets should be golden brown when done.

Making the Filling:

Combine 1½ cup milk with 5 oz sugar in a sauce pan. Cook until the mixture starts boiling. Pour the rest of the milk in a bowl, then whisk in pudding mixes and eggs. Pour the pudding mixture in the boiling milk, stirring constantly. When pudding thickens, take it off the heat and chill the pot in cold water. Stir frequently to prevent “skin” from forming. Mix in vanilla and rum. Chill well. Whisk butter until it gets fluffy. Spoon it into the pudding while stirring constantly.
Assembling the Whole Thing:
Keep one pastry sheet in the baking dish. Using a spatula, layer the filling evenly on the pastry sheet. The filling should be around 1 inch high. Top it with Cool Whip or whipped cream. Spread evenly. Carefully place the second pastry sheet on top. Use a big, sharp knife to cut puff pastry. Start on one end of the baking dish and work your way to the other. Hold the knife just above the top pastry sheet. While barely touching the pastry sheet, tap on the knife blade with a very fast movement. Cut 2 inch cubes.
Dust with confectionary sugar and serve.

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