(Potato Dumplings with half and half
cooked and raw potatoes )


5 ibs Baking Russet potatoes
6 eggs beaten
1 cup flour , plus a bit more if needed
4 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoon pepper
4 tablespoons chopped parsley
4 tablespoons chopped chives (optional)
25-35 croutons depending on size

*one may use potato flakes to make mashed potato.
You can substitute some of the potatoes with potato flakes
to make mashed potatoes

1. Peel the potatoes and keep them in water with some acid solution like vinegar, lemon juice or anti-oxident until you are ready to shred.

2. Shred roughly half of the potatoes and boil the rest for mashed potatoes. You can use any ratio you want. some like more raw potatoes, some like more cooked potato.

3. It is important however to have the shreds smaller. So I used a food processor to grind them smaller.
You could also just use a knfie.

4. Here is what size the shreds should look like.

5. Now you need to sqeeze the water out of the potatoes. This is very important. . A potato ricer squeezes out the water well without too much effort.

6. Another way is to use a towel. Put a handful of shredded potatoes in the center of a tea towel and wrap the towel around it. Roll it up in a ball and squeeze out the water. Gently so you don't rip the towel.

Make the Croutons

1. slightly dry bread is perfect, but not stale bread.

2. Cut off the crust and cut into 1/2 inch croutons. At least I like to cut off the crust.

3. Brown them in a sklllet on medium heat with the oil and butter. Watch out they burn. So stir them often while you are building your dough.

Assemble the dumpling dough

7. Add the mashed potatoes, 1 cup flour, eggs and seasonings and blend together.

8. A nice tight dumpling dough is desired so here is where you can adjust it using more flour or potato flakes.

9.Grab a ball of dough a little smaller than a tennis ball and flatten it out.

10.Flatten out the dough and add a few croutons.
roll it back up in a ball around them.

11. Make a test dumpling with some croutons and place in slow simmering water for 20 min to test.
cut it open to make sure it is done.

12. SImmer the balls in slow simmering salted water for about 15 -20 minutes. Don't over boil or they
will split.

13. If you like you can brown the cooked dumplings in butter. bread or cracker crumbs is also a nice addition when browning.